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Five Things to do before you plan to work outside the Philippines

Updated on April 25, 2015

Tips For Aspiring OFW

Working abroad is a common option to experience new culture, lifestyle and language. Work environment is totally different. You need to open your horizon when you plan to live a life which is absolutely opposite in many ways. It is a must to be acquainted for this challenging decision but a fulfilling one. To be ready in your preparation, find out listed below the things that you need to do before you will make commitment and be one of the successful OFWs and OFs:

1. Philippine Passport: You can apply for a passport at the Department of Foreign Affairs main office or any regional offices across the country.

2. PDOS: Before leaving the country, OWWA officers will conduct a pre-departure orientation seminar for all applicants who are about to leave the country.

3. Medical Exam: DOH-accredited clinics or hospitals are responsible in catering this medical service for all aspiring OFWs. You are not allowed to process your major requirements if you fail to do this test.

4. Working Visa: In most cases, Employers are the one who will provide a working visa through their arrangement with the agency. Verification of employment contract should be authenticated by the Philippine embassy or Philippine consulate in the country of your destination. You may opt to make a personal validation of your working visa at the POEA.

5. Tax Exemption Certificate

This certificate will be issued at NAIA. It is a must to get this certificate to prevent you paying of 1,800 pesos travel tax from the Philippine Tourism Authority Kiosk inside the airport.

It is necessary to follow the required procedure before leaving the country to alleviate problems and major failures on your quest to be a successful Overseas Filipino. As you start processing your documents, you might have opportunities to meet people who are doing things similar to your goal. Both of you will learn and gain information. This encounter will bring smooth achievement in fulfilling things that you need before you will work outside the Philippines. If you want more to expand your information I strongly recommend to click and read OFW related guides.


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