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Seeking the Turban Bombers in Afghanistan

Updated on October 18, 2011

Leave it to one radical terrorist in Afghanistan that used his turban as a place to hide the bomb to ruin it for all Afghan men. Since that nasty attack that damaged President Karzai's peace talks with the Taliban and killed the man leading it, all turbans are to searched before entering the government area.

Men in Afghanistan wear the turban as fashion and for respect But the bombings are becoming more frequent and Afghanistan youth have coined a new word, Turbanator, for US troops and Afghan police enforcing the edict. There have been four such bombings where the bomber carried it in the turban. The turban in the Muslim world is religious and men wear it to emulate Prophet Muhammad and because they are favored by imams and mullahs. When police demand the turban is removed for a search, the man feels very disrespected and dishonored. Many men blame the US! Naturally, it plays into the hands of the Taliban who caused the edict by choosing this manner to attack troops! Obviously, the men who wear these turbans don't comprehend this or refuse to. They blame the US for bringing these turban bombers because the US is here and are targets. Such a odd way of thinking, the US troops are trying to prevent mayhem and death. One Mullah blamed recent events on the US drones that attacked and killed from high up and sided with the terrorist because they were simply taking "sacred revenge" and used desperate means, which I guess is okay to use a turban as a weapon in the name a "allah". Why else would a man blow himself up? the Mullah said. Huh, maybe because he has been so brainwashed he thinks God will reward him for killing innocent kids and women. What kind of warped thinking is this?

With such thinking as that, the US will never succeed. The West thinks differently than the East.


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