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Seeking your opinion on...Dealing with terrorism

Updated on April 29, 2014

Self sufficiency; a key to Peace

Less greed; another key for Peace
Less greed; another key for Peace | Source

Polls on various subjects

 The following is a series of serious and relevant issues.  And in each case, where an opinion is given there is a poll so that you can vote on what you think, either of a particular idea or the best form of recourse.

While this is one man and his personal curiosity.  If such things ever become part of political party research and communication methods then we can all celebrate a democracy nearer to actual freedom.


democratic freedom

Would regular polls like this from politicians increase democratic freedoms in a positive way?

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Question of rights

Should terrorists that attack their country of citezenship have that citezenship removed?

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Family involvement

Should family, along with terrorist have benefits removed and recompense sought etc.?

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Q1. Do tough measures have to be violent?

All talk of water boarding may be effective, and if it saves lives then I won't argue. -if it succeeds where other methods might fail. Also sleep deprivation was used somewhere. This is relatively peaceful physically but can harm mental function on a long term basis. I want to know if there are alternatives and/or additional methods that may be use-able.

I offer a couple here for the consideration of those in need of protection rather than those with a soul purpose of destruction for their own personal power. My sympathies would be more balanced were it that those who feel slighted by the theft of oil for corporates to make even more profit in their greed, were aiming their anger directly at the corporates and powers that be, rather than the innocent by-stander on the street. But it shows how weak the terrorists are to pick on the relatively harmless and defenceless population that are often also suffering at the hands of self serving over paid greedy politicians etc.

1. If some-one is found to be plotting terrorist activity, or part of such a scheme in any way. After serving the required sentence, they should be deported with the full penalties involved. If they happen to be a citezen of the country they are attacking they should still have that citezenship removed and deported with a one-way ticket to the country they worked for. Never to be allowed to return.
Moreover, if they have family in the country they attacked that family should be removed as well, and any benefits they have been claiming from that country be immidiately stopped, and furthermore recompense sought for damages and the hospitality shown to date!

I know that personally, I do not so much as have the time of day for any-one who has a dislike of me. I certainly don't invite them into my home!  I don't go around beating them up because I would then be as bad as they are!  And I aim to achieve and maintain a certain standard.
  This is true of any race even my own, and so shows itself to be a case of manners and ettiquette as well as self respect and safety.

For Americans:-

Would you prefer the law on guns to change?

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Q2. Does the right to bare Arms Increase / Decrease Crime?

Looking at statistics (I won't recreate as I'm sure You've read several, and are familiar with the strength of feeling that "Statistics can be used and manipulated to show anything" ) but it seems that violent crime is increased with the availability of weapons.

In UK. A teacher was stabbed recently 28 April 2008 in a school by a pupil. The internet is blamed for such weapons being available, Or more easily available. Still with knives many kitchen versions are potentially deadly if they get into the wrong hands.

America has more reported incidents with guns than UK. Where guns are mostly illegal, though for the few that aren't, more stringent restrictionss apply.


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