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Selecting the Right Boat Lift for Your Dock

Updated on July 15, 2011

A High Quality Boat Lift Can Make a World of Difference


Protect Your Boat for Maximum Longevity!

Selecting the right boat lift to install along Lake Norman docks can depend on several things. The weight and size of your boat is only part of the equation. Lake Norman boat dealers will tell you that hull configuration will play a huge part as well. Lake Norman boat lifts are rather particular in their specific needs. There are areas of the lake that are somewhat shallow which may require specially designed equipment. Never fear, by answering a few questions a boat lift professional will be able to let you know which particular model you need.

Whether you choose to go with an outstanding Poly Lift, Sunstream, or ShoreMaster boat lift, it is extremely important to know that you are getting the model that will handle your vessel properly. Not only will your boat's weight play a huge part, the length and hull configuration will also be deciding factors. For example, a V-hull boat will understandably require a different configuration than a pontoon boat.

Other factors that can make a huge difference include the area where the lift is being installed. While Lake Norman NC doesn't have to worry about tidal ebb and flow, the heat of summer and other conditions can make a difference on lake levels. If the water in Lake Norman is shallow, you will need a model that has been set up for shallow water functioning. If this sort isn't installed, then you will run the risk of having your lift get stuck on the bottom or not allowing your boat to lower far enough into the water. On the other hand, if your dock is located over a deep spot, then lift depth won't be such an issue.

Of course, the width of the area must also be considered. Some Lake Norman marinas may feature somewhat narrow slips for boats being docked there. Your boat lift may have to be configured to suit the particular space. This can be as simple as making a few small adjustments or could involve a specialized fitting. Don't worry though; there are a wide number of choices available that will fit your needs.

Do you own Jet Skis, Seadoos, Yamaha WaveRunners, or some other type of PWCs? No worries! There are several lift solutions to suit these needs as well. Many of these can be used either alone or in series to create the perfect docking solution for your personal watercraft. Models include the popular ShoreMaster ShorePort, Poly Lift PWC Platform, and Doozie Double Jet Ski Platform just to name a few.

If you already own a boat lift and are looking to accessorize, a great way to do so may be to add a touchless cover. This will allow you to keep the interior of your boat protected from the elements while not requiring you to worry with having to fold a standard boat cover. This can save a lot of time and aggravation as well. Another add on you might consider is a remote for your lift that will allow you to start the process of getting your boat in the water before you get all the way down to it. This is great for private docks along Lake Norman where you can raise and lower your boat from the house without having to worry with manual controls.

Whatever your boat lift needs may be relying on a true boat lift professional will help to ensure that you get the lift and accessories you require. Taking chances on who you allow to install your boat lift or PWC lift could lead to potential damage to your boat or worse. Don't settle for just any old lift provider. Make sure that the one you choose is certified and bonded. This will help to ensure that the job is done right the first time out.

Thanks to Casey Nicholls - owner of Waterjack, boat lift pro, and an avid boater himself for providing the info to write this article! Casey is located centrally to Lake Norman, Lake Wylie, and Mountain Island Lake NC but also serves many other lakes around the region.

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    • PosseSocialMedia profile image

      PosseSocialMedia 6 years ago from Charlotte NC

      Casey is a great dude to work with - I never regret recommending him and his crew!

    • profile image

      Steve Ray 6 years ago

      Just installed a boat lift over on Lake James... wish I had known about these guys then. The business I dealt with did a crappy job.