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Selective Listening a Must to Avoid Electronic Harassment

Updated on June 29, 2011

Electronic Tinnitus - How to "Rise above the Insanity"

These days are both harder and easier for me. It's harder because the Electronically-Induced Tinnitus has become continuous. When I'm not listening to earphone music, I'm gripping that "Life-Line-Frequency" I keep talking about. I was at a store, shopping with my mother and the electronic tinnitus was HORRIBLE. Even with meds I had to find that very slow, drawn-out frequency just to hold on to my sanity. When I started doing this, a gangstalker called me a crook.

So, let me get this straight: I find a way to shut out the whirlpool of tinnitus-pain coupled with disturbing thoughts and THEY call me a "thief"? Interesting. Shouldn't we be able to go places and do things without feeling like we are teetering on the edge of our sanity? When did feeling normal become a crime. They view all forms of pleasure the same way. When was feeling good a crime? The IMPORTANT thing is that as the electronic "rain" continues to increase in duration and intensity, learning how to FIND the SLOWER FREQUENCY is essential to our survival. This is the only technique that has NEVER failed me. That and a helmet made from Shield-It-Super (check out LESSEMF.COM).

You will learn which situations carry the most "Electronic Tinnitus":1. being in ANY commercial establishment (stores, the gym.....any business) 2. Being around anybody who is "in" (I know a total of three who aren't and are experiencing the same stuff I am) 3. On the JOB. 4. Anywhere near a television set. This "flood" of disturbing ideas, physical pain and stress seems to be getting more intense. You COULD wear earphones everywhere you go, but at some point in time you'll have to go without them. THEN you listen to that ringing in your ears, work on drawing out each high-pitched tone into a longer one, focus on SLOWING DOWN the frantic pace. It can be done whenever you are "sonically-harassed"'s ALWAYS IN THERE. This is because a "Salvation Frequency" exists to sort out "bad people" from "good people". If you emotionally respond to their "irritants", you'll be freaked-out and freaked-out people are in a position to lose their minds (permanently).

Praying helps you find it, good thoughts help you find it AND you can WILL yourself to find this "Lifeline Frequency" embedded in the "storm" of subliminal: filth, worry and increasing mental instability. Doing things while "tuning in" requires focus, so it's easier to do a series of "routines" which you "could do in your sleep". This will allow you to function AND maintain your sanity. No disturbing thoughts, no artificial stress - nothing but peace. You might look "out-of-it" because you ARE. You are out of the "rain" so to speak! People might say you look strange, but don't listen to that. Pretty much everyone has been sucked down into the "storm" and now actually will do whatever subliminal thought gets handed to them via the "dog frequency". People on this frequency will do exactly what they are told (just like a dog trained to respond to high-frequency whistling).......hence the name: "Dog-People". They didn't choose to be this way: they were slowly: addled, driven out of their minds, erased and "trained" to do whatever this very disturbing frequency tells them to. You don't ever want to get so mentally-addled that you get engulfed by this "training signal for socially-undesirable people". Someone has decided that "the average Joe/Jane" is NOW un-acceptable. So if you are impulsive and driven by your instincts, you'll be very likely to suffer this "electronic rain".

You must learn to find this SLOW frequency at all costs, because eventually electronic-harassment/mind-control will intensify to the point that you'll need something besides meds to escape it. Earphone music surprisingly confers a great deal of comfort. If you crank it up high enough you'll not even notice that terrible ringing in your ears. You'll also notice that your ears aren't overly-sensitive to LOUD NOISES anymore. Somehow, this energy makes the ears VERY SENSITIVE to sound. Loud noises(that shouldn't be THAT loud) are one way the individual is picked apart mentally by everyone else who has been trapped. With LESS SENSITIVITY COMES GREATER PEACE AND FREE-WILL. No more will you be stressed-out by these "stress noises". It doesn't lessen your ability to hear the "Lifeline Frequency", in fact it seems to make it easier to find.

In summation: learning to find the slow, drawn-out frequency which sounds like an operatic chorus will give you the ability to go out in public (and lower your med dosage so that your tolerance goes down) AND EVEN SAVE YOUR LIFE. You convert ee-ee-ee! into eeeeeeee,eeeeeeeee,eeeeeeee into "Ahhhhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh" OR Ahhhhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhhhh, Ahhhh - Ahhhh. Earphone music played very loudly will block all electronic signals for the most part and DESENSITIZE your ears from the LOUD NOISES and to some extent "The Frequency of Madness". You will be somewhat busy focusing your mind on the right frequency, but at least you can DO what you want to do. And finally: if they call you a "crook", laugh because 10 years ago, you could do as you pleased. We have a RIGHT to live NORMALLY!!!!!!


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I found this paper after hearing a program on neuroeconomics on NPR...

      "An important feature of many homeostatic systems is that they are highly attuned to changes

      in stimuli rather than their levels. A dramatic demonstration of such sensitivity to change came from single-neuron studies of monkeys responding to juice rewards (see Schulz and Dickinson 2000). They measured the firing of dopamine neurons in the animal's ventral striatum, which is known to play a powerful role in motivation and action. In their paradigm, a tone was sounded,

      and two seconds later a juice reward was squirted into the monkey’s mouth. Initially, the neurons did not fire until the juice was delivered. Once the animal learned that the tone forecasted the arrival of juice two seconds later, however, the same neurons fired at the sound of the tone, but did not fire when the juice reward arrived. These neurons are responding, not to reward or its absence, but to deviations from expectations. (When the juice was expected from the tone, but was not

      delivered, the neurons fired at a very low rate, as if expressing disappointment.) The same pattern can be observed at a behavioral level in animals, who will work harder (temporarily) when a reinforcement is suddenly increased and go `on strike’ when reinforcement falls.10 Neural sensitivity to change is probably important in explaining why the evaluation of risky gambles depends on a reference point which encodes whether an outcome is a gain or a loss (see section IV), why self-reported happiness (and behavioral indicators like suicide) depend on changes in

      income and wealth, rather than levels (Oswald 1997), and why violations of expectations trigger powerful emotional responses (Mandler 1982)."

      Please read this paper....

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      MOEFLATS you have many techniques, that I use too, mostly mental, other physical, but I have experimenting on some that give results and it's beeing a real help. Hope it can help you in the days that other techniques don't work.

      Even when I rise from bed in the morning with pains all through my body, and with few sleep, sometimes none, I have what I call the "Moment of Revindication". I rise and say with determination: I feel alert,with vitality, rested, I see the truth, I believe. Then I give a step with determination and even I have a instant of pain I said " Almost gone", most of the times I can change in 5 minutes my state. It's been an enduring work, I've been doing this, tunning the best I can through many months to get this, and I really not have something truly conquered. Most of the times is being working doing this way. Then like you I hear music that I like and try that the most positive I have will play fist to start the day, hear many times before going out to work.

      Meditation is a blessing for me, I a use a thing in meditation that is - don't let a thought touch you- when I hear the sound I try not react with thinking or feeling - emptiness -I give a inspiration and then I decided it's have value or not. If is new, I observate the situation if it's the usual, nothing.

      When they concentrate pain in one spot of the body I do a thing that 99% of the times works, I difuse my eye mind, enlarge the eye of mind, calm, no effort, and in this way my leg for example don't have a spasm, needles, burning foot, etc.

      Two days ago I made two evasions things.They talked and I ignored, then I put a white screen in my mind and here it goes!! I did it! I have try this so long time, because when we are evasive we are open, not quite vigilant. I choose and I put my faith in right place, and say to myself all will go well. Went really well. I suspect that the 100% secure technique, the best will be faith, but sometimes we need to exercise our mind everyday to recognize that, to let the faith work for us. I only believe that we are winning one step at the time,then we will win this all. Get that "freaking patience" working for you, we are winners! :)


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