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Self-help groups of women in India!

Updated on March 6, 2017

Message of Pope!

Comparisons are the cause of sufferings!

All sufferings originate from comparisons. In the phenomenal dual world, no two people are alike. The fortunes of few are eyesore to the poor people. The poor lack the basic essential things like food for hunger, water to quench their thirst and cloth to hide their body. No doubt, these are the essential things every human desire around the globe. But everywhere there are people who live an affluent life, enjoying all luxuries and there seems they are the favored lot of the earth! From ancient days, we may even compare the period of Biblical days, there was marked differences in the life of poor slaves and the wealthy nobles who wield enormous power in the palace. They had enough lands, mansions, many maids and servants. Their wealth has enabled them to lead a posh life while the poor beggar on the road is wailing for a piece of bread! Also, there were pathetic scenes of parents unable to feed their starving children. Even while I write this, there was hundreds of death in Nigeria due to hunger in the past three days. But the wealthy lot around the world turns their face away and they hate to watch the media depicting such scenes. They are concerned with their big businesses, the billion dollars deal on various enterprises and their greed to amaze more and more. It is the responsibility of multimillionaires to feed the poor and downtrodden around the globe. Let them join hands with many philanthropically inclined people and deliver food at those places where there is mass hunger. Let them provide water and medicines.

Thoughts of Martin Luther King!

The wealthy must take care of the poor in society!

We watch in the media cars costing around 20 crores. The children of those business people hanker for such a pricy car while the children in several West African countries hanker for half a glass of milk! Is it not deliberate negligence in society? Rich business people may think, “It is the responsibility of the government to provide for the poor and needy. No doubt, the governments everywhere is required to provide for the poorest in their countries. How many governments have taken care for their citizens? Sadly, the answer would be a big NO. Corruption has eaten the vitals of economy everywhere. The politicians and bureaucrats are hands in glove in looting public fund, pilfiraging the welfare schemes meant for the poor in society! Even in free democratic countries which were established with altruistic principles, no one cares for the poor and downtrodden. This is the saddest spectacle today. Of course these situations are the results of world war, industrialization, poverty and famine. But a political leader ought to be concerned with the basic needs of citizens. I don’t blame all countries and societies in one stroke. Even now there are few leaders who are utterly “selfless’ and cater for the needs of society, sacrificing their all, working in community development programs. We need not convert the poor as beggars. Rather we should organize the poor in such a way that they stand on their own legs without losing their self-respect. For this reason in many villages, “Self-help groups” constituting the women in those villages to learn and start some village industries profitably by getting registered and trained by government agencies in various handicrafts like doll making, basket making, mat weaving and preparing perfumed scent sticks, making edible snacks and sweets for selling in the nearby towns. Once the Banks are satisfied about the credibility of self-help groups, they sanction loans with low interest. The training and counselling by knowledgeable people make them really self-sufficient and self-content.

Self-help groups of women in villages.

Self-help groups in India!

In India, the scheme is successfully implemented in various states with emphasis on locally available materials and market needs. During the past few years, many women groups have become economically self-sufficient and they lead dignified lives in the villages. Now the man folks finding the ladies decently engaged help them in their ventures. Thus there is change in mindset of many in the villages. Hence the government should focus more on empowering the women citizens so that there is no poverty in the villages. First need is moral thinking and righteous acts. The leaders should become exemplary in their conduct and character. They must sacrifice their greed for power and pelf and take utmost care of society. There should be stringent laws to deal with corrupt people both inside and outside the government. People should respect their motherland and strive incessantly for the welfare of the people in their countries. This is possible by people manning powerful posts. Their policies must reflect people welfare schemes. There is no paucity of educated and unemployed youth everywhere. Instead of loitering, chitchatting and passing nasty comments about girls and ladies, they should harness their skills for the welfare of their villagers. Due to increase in global temperatures, there is all round scarcity of potable water. The youth can join together and design simple but useful schemes to access water in their locals by collective work. I have seen in Facebook some articles where acute water scarcity was tackled intelligently by one officer with the help of many subordinates in his command. They volunteered and dug a pond and fortunately potable water was oozing around its peripherals and filled up the entire pond. There was sufficient water to cater for this summer months. Around seven fifty families heaved a sigh of relief at this useful attempt.

cottage industries by self-help groups.

Where there is a will, there is a way!

Not only this, an illiterate woman sacrificed her entire comfort by fighting the authorities to desilt a channel which was a life line for the agricultural lands around. The officials and politicians turned a deaf ear to her petitions. She started desilting the channel inch by inch on her own, and seeing her determination, the entire villagers joined with her and in a year’s time, the entire length of fourteen kilometers was made ready to receive the flow! Now all the lands adjoining the channel are receiving water periodically. The District Collector noted the co-operation of the villagers and got sanctioned a further length of desilting. This article was circulated in Face Book. If people join together, the government will automatically follow their route! Hence self-help is the best help. Wealthy people can definitely lend their money and resources for such projects for the welfare of the entire village!

Self-help groups by women have been successful in India.

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