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5 Annoying Questions That I Have Received About Being Mexican-American

Updated on March 3, 2018

These are just a few questions I get almost every single time someone figures out I am Mexican American. Because, for some odd reason, I have to constantly prove my identity to everyone. Though, I highly doubt I am the only one who gets these types of ridiculous questions.


Why are you so light?

Because not every Mexican has the same skin tone. I know Mexicans who have never been to the United States, yet they look more "white" than most people I know in the United States. They have got pale skin, blonde hair and blue, or green, eyes. So it makes sense to them that I am Mexican American and they do not question me over it. Meanwhile, over here in the United States people constantly skim over me because of my features and I constantly struggle with having prove myself to them.

Here is a crazy idea, not all Mexicans, and this does apply to all Latinos in general, are the same skin tone. You know, kind of like how not all Americans are the same skin tone?

So can you tell me something in Spanish?

Well, it depends in all honesty. Do you need me to tell you something in Spanish for the sake of translating something for your, or are you just trying to pull my string and hope to be amused by what I say?

If you are looking for me to translate, I am perfectly fine with doing so. I understand the struggle with Spanish, though this might not be the case for other Mexican Americans. Though most likely, a simple translation is perfectly fine because, we understand the struggle in trying to learn a new language or simply trying to get the hang of certain terms.

Though, If you are simply trying to pull on my string like some type of Woody toy, no. I am not here to spout out just anything for you to simply be wowed. Ladies and gentlemen, this is not a circus act, it is a language that I will gladly help you out with if needed.

Why does your Spanish sounds off?

My Spanish might sound off to some because of my American accent. Though, I, along with others who struggle with the same problem, would very much appreciate if you would not refer to it as off.

Refer to it more so as different. Just as the different states here in the United States have different variations of an American accent, different regions of Mexico will have different variations of a Mexican accent. We do not all sound the same, just as you all do not sound the same.

So when are you getting deported?

Oh ha, what a simply hilarious joke. It is so funny to make this joke when you either do not understand what it is like to be deported or watch one of your loved ones get deported. So please, continue making that joke and looking like a complete buffoon.

Let me say it right now, it does not matter what race you are, some people who have first hand experience with deportation are just not comfortable with that joke at all. It is not their fault at all for not being comfortable with that joke. Considering how traumatic the experience is, the last thing they most likely want to hear is someone pointing fun at deportation.

So are you legal?

Okay, please do me a quick favor and let me stop you right there.

Unless you are a close family member with someone who is not legal in the eyes of the law, it is absolutely none of your business. It does not matter if you are friends with this person. It does not matter if you work with this person. It does not matter how you are acquainted with this person. It is not your place to know this certain information. It is as simple as that.

There is a reason people do not openly talk about their legal statuses because, there have been instances where people, who are legal, use this as blackmail and abuse this power that they now have over them. Even in my personal experience I have watched family members be deported simply over a disturbance with a neighbor or some other ridiculous minor thing.

So please, for sake of everyone's sanity, do not ask this.


© 2018 Kassandra Tellez


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    • profile image

      Sanxuary 7 weeks ago

      None of those quetions seemed very awful. A lot of people are not that informed. Spanish is a huge term for a lot of people and includes every race and look. Thats blacks to blonds and the number of countries is a very long list. Asking someone their immigration status or citizenship unless you our hiring someone is pretty redicoulous. Its the racist who ask quetions I would be concerned with. Oddly big corporations wanted immigration and created the problem and racist believe being a racist will somehow solve the problem. Then again no one really knows what problems really exist and are really a problem. The biggest problem is how can you belong in this country for decades and not be granted citizenship. Especially if you never even lived anywhere else. You can never have an intelligent conversation with a racist.