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Sensible Immigration Reform - Border Security, National ID & Work Place Enforcement

Updated on May 22, 2010

Much has been writing about the immigration issues on the US from both sides of the fence..I know, bad pun. I am going to try and break down this topic in a logical manner and present my ideas for a resolution. I know that this is a very emotional topic and this tends to make us overlook many of the common ground solutions that many of us can agree on.

1. Almost no country can allow unrestricted access across their borders. Much of the criticism of the law comes from Latin American countries such as Mexico, which have much tougher laws and much more vigorous enforcement of their laws than we do here in the United States. However, the US is seen as a destination of choice for many of their citizens due to relatively plentiful employment opportunities here.

Criticizing another country for enforcing their laws, especially laws that are less harsh and provide more benefits than the laws enforced by your own forces is unabashedly hypocritical and self centered. A double standard is not acceptable simply because you benefit from it.

The United States has laws. We are a Country that has welcomed immigrants for hundreds of years, but you do it the right way, and yes it is difficult, as it should be. Newly minted Americans are some of the most vigorous defenders of our nation as they have sacrificed to become one of us, not snuck across a line in the sand in the middle of the night like a common criminal.

We must secure our borders for a myriad of reasons. The Government of our country has an obligation to protect the life and property of its citizens. This is the PRIMARY function of government and one that has been largely ignored. We have a war going on just south of our border. Anyone who thinks that this is not a safety issue, I invite you to get out of your comfort zone and go take a walk through the neighborhoods along the border in San Ysidro (San Diego), Yuma and El Paso.We have our citizens and law enforcement being killed by drug dealers and smugglers crossing our southern borders with impunity.

2. We need a national form of identification. If you have ever been out of the US you have most likely needed to carry a passport. Every country you visit will ask to see this and in many cases require a Visa as well. This is normal and this is how the world works, get used to it. I can not imagine that any responsible person would have an issue with carrying a form of ID. Picture ID is needed to drive a car, board an airplane, cash a check, collect ANY government benefits, vote, buy alcohol or cigarettes, and even to use a credit or debit card. A standardized National ID card (issued by the states similar to a drivers license) would solve many problems.

In tandem with a national form of ID, a strict policy of anti-profiling criteria. This is VERY simple... EVERY TIME that law enforcement personnel stops anyone, for anything, they ask for your ID, regardless of your color, accent etc. You must already present ID in most cases, certainly you must in Mexico. If you have ever been stopped by an officer, you must present ID. With all of the dangers that we face in our modern world, the days of not being required to have the ability to prove that you are who you say you are are simply over.

The ridiculous statements, such as those made recently by the president, that law abiding families will be rounded up on the way to get ice cream are just that, ridiculous. We need checks to make sure that race is not a factor. You check EVERYONE! I Can not imagine the majority of Americans would have an issue with this. If you have young children, and you have an identity card, then of course the kids are fine as well.

3. We need to get past the rhetoric. I do not care why someone breaks a law, if you break that law you pay the consequences.


The most despicable offenders are those who knowingly (or through apathy) exploit those who are here looking for a better life. We need tough penalties and vigorous enforcement against employers who do not use the widely available and accurate mechanisms for checking employment eligibility. You dry up the jobs, you solve much of the problem. This would also help with the record unemployment of our own citizens. Once these things have been done we can talk about a guest worker program, when and if those workers are actually needed.


1. Secure the Border

2. Nationalized form of ID

3. Strengthen enforcement and punishments for employers who violate the law.

4. Streamline deportation of violent/drug related immigrants

5. Enforce anti-profiling policies and laws. CHECK EVERYONE INSTEAD!


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    • TheSituation profile image

      TheSituation 7 years ago

      Thanks HXprof, I appreciate the kind words. It is amazing how little common sense commentary out there!!

    • profile image

      Hxprof 7 years ago from Clearwater, Florida

      Solid, concise piece on the immigration battle. Something gets lost in the discussion about illegal immigration and weak border security however:that is the larger threat of terrorism. You do comment that," We must secure our borders for a myriad of reasons"; I say Right On, and the primary reason we needed secure borders a long time ago is to stop those who come to America with destruction on their minds.

      It's debatable at best as to whether securing our borders now against terrorism would do any good-they're already here and more are coming.

    • TheSituation profile image

      TheSituation 7 years ago

      Hello Sparhawke,

      Thanks for the well thought out comment! I agree 100% and it is awesome to have some perspective from outside of North America.

    • Sparhawke profile image

      Sparhawke 7 years ago from Manchester

      I find the statement "pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants" particularly amusing, what planet is the interviewer on?

      If someone is an illegal then they should get no rights, but a bus straight back and I know some will argue against me but the same thing is going on in England, so many people are flooding the country now from Eastern European countries looking for a "better life" than in some towns and cities you cannot move for immigrants...

      There are jobs it is true for English people it is true, but the jobs left over may be difficult to get to or impossible to work due to the location.

      I am sick and tired of this "human rights" argument, if they come from Bulgaria as an example, they have to pass SEVEN countries to get to England, SEVEN!

      If they really cared about political asylum they would simply get to a closer country and stay there...

      It has been left unsaid for too long though, illegal immigrants are bleeding the country dry passively and those that do hire them should go to jail and have all assets stripped.

      Immigration is essential for a countries survival, none more so than England in the past, but rampant flooding is no good when there are only limited resources on a tiny island.

      The whole problem is that the politicians are weak, they just do not have the balls to stand up and tell the world how it is. If those people wish to gain access then they should do it legally, not sneak in on the back of a lorry and be released to disappear forever.

      If you sneak into a country then you have no rights, you gave them up whatever rights you may otherwise have been afforded but no one seems to be willing to say that.

    • OregonWino profile image

      OregonWino 7 years ago

      Great Hub! This was very sensible and articulate! Good job!