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September 11 memorial events 2011 and its lasting effect on the US

Updated on September 11, 2011

September 11 memorial events

Every American even every world citizen could never forget the day, September 11, 2001, a day could have changed the US and the world forever. The event almost made fighting terrorism as the top priority of US as well as other countries and have strong lasting effect on everyone’s mind. The fact is, before “911”, never has anyone has experienced this kind of tragedy: plane crash on skyscrapers. It may have become the triggering point where US turned its sword to every possible nation support terrorism. It may have become the hidden excuse for starting wars with other nations. The security fee has risen higher than ever, security measures becomes stricter than ever. What it has taught us could have strong mental effect on everyone. Is there a conspiracy? Is there anything government could have hidden from US? Today, many of the citizens of new york and elsewhere gathered at Ground Zero to remember those who lost their lives and in terror attacks ten years ago. As the dead list of 2,753 names read over, the pain can be felt within everyone’s heart. Whoever who watched the pictures of dead could be very disturbing and heartbreaking.

september 11 attack
september 11 attack

Question: is September 11 conspiracy?

After September 11 attack, many people questioned about the possibility of the attack. How the airplane could have hijacked? How it could have hit the building? How come so many people die and the building collapsed? Rumors about the event become so intense within online communities that many people have proposed their own theories. You can find major conspiracies here on the news. How did it attack pentagon, one of the world’s most secure places. Who can answer those question?

September 11 and America’s anti- terrorism strategy

Post September 11 is an era of conflict and intense security. I think that may have become the cause of the Iraqi war and Afghan war. America utilized the troops around the world to trigger the wars with the two nations and it could be regarded as the over reaction to the matter. As a result, the damage it brought to the civilians of the two nations as well as the other people is more devastating than the September 11 attack itself. Finally, US seemed to admit that it overacted to the matter and start retreating from wars with Lybia.


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    • JEDIJESSICUH profile image


      7 years ago from Kansas

      I don't personally believe that the attacks were a conspiracy. A plane could have easily been hijacked. When faced with a gun or explosives or some other life threatening device, most people would give up easily. And it planes can malfunction and hit buildings by accident, why would it be so strange to think that they hit one on purpose?

      I just don't understand what conspiracy people might be able to drum up. Would this country's leaders waste so much of their own human life to purposely go to war with another country? I sincerely doubt it. And if they did, then I would truly rethink my citizenship here.

      Great hub. Voted up and interesting.

    • suejanet profile image


      7 years ago

      This terrorist act has changed our country forever.


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