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September 11th - Remembering

Updated on September 10, 2015
RJ Schwartz profile image

When he's not writing poetry or political articles, Ralph fills his time by researching various topics that are influencing society today.

I am an American

I wish that everyone could understand exactly what that means. I live in a country that offers all of its citizens the right to do anything they want to. I mean anything. Some try to take this to extremes and commit acts that are illegal, but hey, can you blame them for trying?

After all, this is America...Land of the Free, Home of the Brave. If you want to shoot the moon, why not try it in a country where they have some knowledge of that planet. Been there, done that.

I believe that every American has the right to free speech and even the right to burn the American flag if they choose to do so.

Unfortunately I see that as a sin. I am a citizen of the greatest country this side of paradise and I'm not too willing to see someone burn my flag. I would gladly stand up and sacrifice my body to block the bullet intended to destroy this country if it would allow my family and my friends to live the rest of their lives free. You see, I love America.

I always wondered why anyone living in such a country as ours could feel anything other than sheer and utter happiness. I look at my life and smile at the opportunities I have in front of me.

Why does it take such an act of terrorism to bring us together?

I'm a sports fan. I believe that football and baseball are part of our country just as much as apple pie and Chevrolet. When my team went to the Superbowl, I thought life couldn't get any better. I was wrong.

When I witnessed the American public embracing America, I was brought to tears. Sports seemed so trivial. Football and baseball were simply things we Americans watched to pass the time. They weren't really important. My job also wasn't too important. As a matter of fact, nothing I could think of made a difference to me on the day of the tragedy. I only had one concern. There were American citizens trapped in a wreckage of a once proud symbol of American life and they probably were going to die. I had family members who worked in that building and I feared for their lives. I cried a tear for every missing American. You see, I love America and her people.

It is my deepest hope that every American citizen looks at the devastation in New York and Washington and feels only hope. It sounds strange to wish for hope in light of such a horrible event, yet it is the only path we can walk. I HOPE we as Americans remember that America is the land of the free and that we will die before we give up that right. I HOPE no one forgets those who perished. I HOPE we can rekindle the fire that burns deep inside each one of us. I HOPE

American citizens will continue to do things we were doing in spite of our fears.

I HOPE everyone will root for Army, Navy, and Air Force this weekend.

They will be playing long after the fourth quarter gun has sounded.

God Bless America.

Ralph J. Schwartz

American Citizen, Father, Husband, Writer, and Sports Fan

I see this from my window

If you have a personal story about that fateful day, please share it if you are comfortable talking about it.


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  • RJ Schwartz profile imageAUTHOR

    Ralph Schwartz 

    6 weeks ago from Idaho Falls, Idaho

    I hope everyone remembers our fallen citizens tomorrow

  • lambservant profile image

    Lori Colbo 

    13 months ago from Pacific Northwest

    What a poignant piece. You are inspirational and expressed yourself so well. Thanks.


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