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September 23 2015

Updated on October 16, 2015

Many talked about the day September 23rd 2015.

Now that it’s over I wonder how many really thought the world was going to end?

Some thought that a world catastrophe would happen and many thought that the market would crash.

Now that it’s come and gone a new date would be set and people who fear the threat of awful and world ending events will once again be living in fear waiting to see what will happen on that day.

I’ll admit I was one thinking something will happen and there were some pretty convincing videos and articles going around scaring people even more but no one really knows when trouble will strike.

Even I made a video about that day, not about what will happen but my interpretation of what happened on that day. I placed it up before the day came and it would have been a tale of what happen on that day, something for the future to listen to just encase we would have become destroyed. Some form of history for the survivors with amnesia to listen to and get a remembrance of some sort.

If what I said would have really happened, they probably would have called me some type of prophet you know how people love to label others.


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