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September 9 2001 the day our future was destroyed

Updated on November 13, 2010

 Remember what happened in September 9th 2001? I remember. I was in Athens, Greece and that day I was watching TV. I was flipping through channels because the Greek tv channels always had boring shows in the afternoon until the news popped up out of nowhere. It was live broadcast from New York showing one of the twin towers up in smoke. At first I was not interested on what the news was saying about this disaster, somehow I did not change the channel because another plane was about to go head first into the second tower. That image was cruel and sick especially on live tv. I knew then that it was an attack on US soil. Terrorist had hijacked US planes and had planned an attack on major US cities and ended up killing a lot of innocent people. September 9th 2001 was a day to remember. It was a day that our future would change forever. It was the day that our world was not a safe place to live anymore. It was day to be always remember that our future was destroyed.  

Look at our future right now. Is it better? My ideal future was portrayed in sci-fi movies with robots with futuristic gadgets with flying cars and spaceships that would take us deep into our universe and our lives would be more organized. But that is not the case that we have today. Ever since September 9th 2001 a lot of negatives was brought upon our society.

After the attacks, the media did a full coverage on the terrorist group that planned the attacks against the US. The media said that the group was an Islamic group in which their leaders and their soldiers are from Arabic Muslim background. People watching the news knew who are responsible for the attacks and so they would fear people that looked Arab or is Muslim they would see such people as the enemy that attacked their country even though they had no connections of the terrorist group. Therefore, discrimination and racism and hatred was implied to society. It gave out a red alert to such people. Even today, social and racial identification is so important now so we know who our we safe with and who are the dangerous ones.

The way we travel is limited now. Ever since 9/11 travelling through public transportation is not as safe as it was before. The fear that planes will be hijacked is a big scare. Or buses and trains or even schools packed with explosives and you got people with guns and masked ready to make an attack to kill innocent lives. Airports around the world are more strict in security. People has to be checked from head to toe. Your personal belongs has be to be checked even though if have a bag of chips or chocolate, you never know those things could become weapons. Even walking out in public is a big fear, you never know when a danger will ever come again. This is due to fear and everyone is scared.

War is another major factor that resulted to the terrorist attacks on 9/11. Just a day after the US attacks, then US President Bush ordered for the US army to attack Afghanistan because the terrorist group "Al Qaeda" and their leader Osama Bin Laden was based in Afghanistan. The war on Afghanistan started and until today, there is still a war going on in Afghanistan. If it was not for the terrorist attacks, would George Bush Jr. attack Iraq? Maybe! He already had one war going on, why make another one for other reasons? Bush should have tackled the war on terrorism a lot more he should not have made a left turn. With the wars going on, you have other countries building nuclear bombs and for what reason; war!

The economy was hurt when the terrorist attacks occurred. The market prices went down. There was no money flow when the attacks happened so the market had to closed and was reopend just a few days after the attacks. However, the affects of the attacks hurt every economy around the world because once the stock market closed money was lost to businesses and companies that had money on the market. Another turn of event in the economy was the uprising of the Euro currency in 2001. The US dollar was been the world's number one currency in the world. Dollar was a major value because it was like gold in money and major companies traded and bought in dollars. But once the Euro was out in the market, there was competition in both currencies. In fact, Euro topped the dollar currency because everyone in the market started buying and trading with Euro because the Euro was new in the market and everyone had Euros. The Euros was much more easy to get in hands with and it was easy to find. As a result of 9/11, the dollar was second best to the Euros and its still is today. The Euro currency tops the dollar. But since the world economical crisis that countries have suffered governments would rather pay in sack of potatoes or a bag of rice to world banks. Governments has loans to pay and many people are losing their jobs, companies closing, the rise of unemployment and banks being empty its just disaster.

We cannot fix the events of 9/11. Right now we are living our own human mistakes and disasters. The major problems that our society is facing can be linked to the attacks of 9/11. From the social issues to economical to warfare can be linked to the attacks. 9/11 has made us fear each other. The attacks has made us look down from others. 9/11 made our future much more tougher and any easier. It made us enemies, it made the economy more expensive, and as one human race we are more of a stranger and an alien towards our surrounding all due to 9/11.


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    • GreenPrince profile image

      Prince Edike 4 years ago from Philippines

      Great hub. It is so hard to fight ideologies ingrained in the mind of people. Only a moral consciousness of love and forgiveness, and the believe of our shared humanity, will necessitate the repentance of evil people both in the middle east and west.

    • profile image

      Not a dumbass 6 years ago

      September 9th was two days before 9/11, you dumbass