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September 2016 Sun City Democratic Newsletter/Blog

Updated on August 31, 2016

Meet the Candidates

September Meeting Candidate Meet

Join the Sun City Democratic Club every first Thursday at Fairway Recreation Center at 6:00 pm.

The program on September 1st at 6:00 pm is an Ice Cream Social. Enjoy your ice cream while meeting the candidates and getting to know them. Bring your friends and neighbors. DO know who and what you are voting for!

You can meet, ask questions, and get to know these candidates:

Sheriff Paul Penzone


Recorder Adrian Fontes


of Schools Michelle Robertson for-maricopa-county-superintendent-



Treasurer JoeDowns


Attorney Diego Rodriguez



Since, Deanna Rasmussen-Lacotta is attending most of our SCDC functions, it would not be at all surprising that Deanna is also circulating and presenting at this meeting.

House of Representatives (vote for only oneā€¦. Voting for more weakens the points she is given) at

The Sun City Democratic Club is open to both Democrats and Independents, and all RCSC members and their guests. We are very active and involved in the Sun City Community. Email us at:

Get Yours! Limited Amount...

Hillary Yard Signs Available

We have 50 Hillary yard signs available at the pass through cost of $7.20. We are NOT making money on these signs but are passing the cost through to you. The retail value of these signs if purchased one by one is $15.00.

These signs will be available first come, first serve at the Monday morning coffees and then the September 1st regular Sun City Democratic Meeting at 6pm at Fairway.

Let's PAPER Sun City with Hillary signs! VOTE BLUE!!

Election Information

We all want clean elections. We all want to be informed. You can help keep elections clean and be well informed:

1. This is a request from President Vance for poll workers. (Both Republicans and Democrats were asked to help....let's have a good Democratic turn out!)

There is a great need for board workers for the Maricopa County Elections. The need is immediate so if you could send out a plea to your club members, I would appreciate it. If there is an interest have them contact Bernie Bakke at 714-402-1651.

Myrna L. DeBruyne | Member Services Coordinator


This is a great web site to answer the questions of where you vote, information on candidates, initiatives, and other FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions.)

Coffee EVERY Monday!

Everyone is invited to join our convivial and happy little group for coffee every Monday at 9am (ish) at the Starbucks on the S/W corner of 99th Avenue and Bell.

We will also have Hillary yard signs available ( $7.20 is the break even price and that is the price we are asking.)

We nearly take over the WHOLE of Starbucks. You can meet new friends. FInd out how you would like to help and then DO the things to help that you are good at. '

We have a wonderful time and enjoy each other's company.

Barack Obama Movie Trailer

Opening Soon "First Date"

The movie "First Date" about Barack and Michelle Obama's "First Date" will open this next weekend. Most likely it will open at the Scottsdale Camelview Movie Theater as this is where the trailer is playing.

The trailer shows the charming story of their first date and is filmed in Chicago. In fact, the apartment that was used as Michelle Obama's home is only a few blocks from her actual home.

The story holds true to form in many aspects. When interviewed Mrs. Obama said their first date was to the Chicago Art Institute, had lunch, watched the movie "Do the Right Thing."

Their first kiss is shown at a Baskin Robbins (no longer in that location) where there was no inside seating, so they had their first kiss sitting on the curb outside.

The Director, Richard Tanne, says the movie is 90% accurate. Rotten Tomatoes has rated the film a 93% (that is good btw.)

If you are interested in going together to see the film please place your interest in the comment section below. We will send out an email as to when and where we are going. It is up to you to make your own travel arrangements.

See you at the movies!

New Corporation Commission Commcercial

Elect LD 21 Deanna Rasmussen-Lacotta

Support our very own, Deanna Rasmussen- Lacotta at an Ice Cream Social on Sept. 11 from 2-5 pm at Surprise Community Park. The event will be at Ramada #2 north end of the lake. Be sure to bring your own chair.

Surprise Community Park is on Bullard just north of Greenway. Take Grand to Greenway and turn west then turn north (right) on Bullard. The park is on your right.

Volunteers are needed for the event. Volunteers are also needed for phone banks.

These local grass root events are how we TAKE BACK our government and make it BLUE!


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