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Serbia - The New Time for Tormented

Updated on May 7, 2013

Modern Serbia Today

View from air-plane to the Danube river going trough the capital: Belgrade
View from air-plane to the Danube river going trough the capital: Belgrade | Source
One point of view at night, in Belgrade.
One point of view at night, in Belgrade. | Source


According to the ministry, exports in March reached a "historic record" representing the number of 857 million euros, on a monthly basis.

Unemployment stopped, growth of GDP, increase of production, and more!

"According to the Statistical Office, in the first quarter of this year industrial production began to recover and grew by 5.2 percent. It also contributed to a moderate GDP growth of 1.9 percent," Minister for Finances, Mr. Mladjan Dinkic said.

He added that Serbia has "formally emerged from recession which lasted the whole previous year, when all four quarters saw decline in GDP."

European Commission has congratulated Serbia in one of its reports, and it said that new era of "growth" started with FIAT automobile industry investment into Serbia.

- New era, a good era in the meaning of GDP growth, decrease of public debt, and much more are just some things that amazed a lot of (~47%) voting body, which was deeply skeptic about new Government.

Serbia has has crossed the predicted GDP growth. The predicted GDP growth was 2,7% and currently is 4.2% which is almost double.


- Finally, Government of Serbia started to use the commonly used phrase of economists: "Serbia has always being East to the West and West to the East"; trading and having investing projects with Italy, Germany, Luxembourg, Sweden, Norway, and other Western developed country - as well as with Eastern and African countries such as U.A.E, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Russia, China...

One of the biggest investments in recent past was the investment in the auto industry; the FIAT auto industry and their manufacture/development of FIAT 500L. This type of car, last month, started exporting in United States and Australia as well.

The 28/29th star

Many predict that Serbia will enter into EU together with Montenegro, in the 2015-2017.
Many predict that Serbia will enter into EU together with Montenegro, in the 2015-2017.



The longest, and the most delayed, coming of PayPal company onto soil of Serbia has accomplished. All "obsticles" on their way; have been removed, and liberal business and monetary policy of Serbia made PayPal to start doing business in Serbia - finally.

- Still, users of PayPal cannot withdraw cash from PayPal account, but what they can do - is to receive money and send it to another PayPal account; as well as to purchase online!

Today, on 7.5.2013 first round of elections was finished - and we can say that: in just one year, this Government made a lot in compare with whole 8 years of "democrat" (Democratic Party) rule.

Fastest growing country!

Having in mind that some of the World biggest companies have relocated their development(Microsoft, CISCO, Siemens, ...), customer and technical support (NCR, ...), engineering (FIAT), and IT centers (Telenor, ... ) Serbia is country with fastest growing industry in the region of SEE.

From turbulent times of 90's in ex-Yugoslavia, which mainly hit Serbia (who's generals were accused for some of the worst war crimes - ever) is now a country with stable Government - Government with consensus about crucial questions: transatlantic integrations, integration into EU, and finally consensus about question about southern Serbian province of Kosovo.


From aspect of ordinary unemployed young, and highly-skilled workforce I can say that I can't feel on my skin that something has changed on better. No. But what I can is to say that Serbian Dinar (RSD) is stable , that unemployment rate from rapidly high and continuing rate to steady rate, that is percentage, and I can say that I see some major investments and significant agreement have been reached.

Today, youth can expect some opportunities in forth-coming time. Also, military force is being modernized, and couple of new MIG's are being bought, as well as couple of new civil air planes - "AIRBUS".

Also, Al-Dahra, has implemented first transaction into agricultural sector of Serbia. Some 500.000 EUR have been implemented into irrigation and other primary applied priority of parts, machinery, and other.

- Another company from U.A.E, the ETIHAD, has signed an agreement of strategic-partnership with national airport company "JAT" (Nikola Tesla airport, Belgrade) which ensures every-day trips to exotic destinations, as well as direct flights to U.A.E, other U.S and Asian places on Earth.

- Major investment came also from the sheik Moohamed; from U.A.E that implemented money in Serbian development of defense industry; whereby they bought some type of rockets for their market.

There's no country in South-Eastern Europe that made income of half a billion euros in just of one month - that is for sure.


An new constitution is simply an must, as Serbia is a two-steps away from the EU membership. Every single country, before entering, has to change the constitution, and to implement newly and synchornized laws in it.

"Constitution has to follow de juris state on field. If you're asking me are we doing the reforms because of the EU or because of us, ourselves: answer is mostly because of ourselves."

- On question: "Will Serbia recognize Kosovo as independent country, and will the reconstitution bring the recognition of Kosovo? "

"When I said that constitution has to follow the de juris state, I've meant on EU membership - and referendum as well as reconstitution is part that every EU member state has passed. And no, we will not recognize Kosovo as independent; but we will obey and implement things agreed in the Brussels.

- Will there be referendum, now when Serbs from North of Kosovo are protesting and asking for referendum?

"I don't think so. If someone wants to deal "question of Kosovo" on some other way, I have to remind him - he has to provide 150.000 of signatures; or Government to be unsustainable on this question and then; of course; I will provide signature for elections." - says prime-minister Mr.Dinkic (who gave the signature/ initialed agreement).

On more and more present subject about referendum about "Brussels agreement" first deputy of prime-minister Mr.Vučić added:

"But, until 5/6 of parliament parties are FOR the Brussels agreement and FOR implementation of it - I don't think that protest with badly 1,200 people nor one party against agreement with 10-15 members in parliament- can dispute agreement that
Serbia reached. It is historical buy prestigious politicians, history professionals, and many EU and USA high representatives, and it was the best in the moment and I still stand behind the fact that we have had to accept it agreement as we weren't in position to ask for more! "

Silicon Chip Industry - Just a myth or?

By the words of First Deputy Prime Minister, Mr. Vučić - who has been in the negotiations team, by the way, the last three times when Serbs and Kosovo leader were negotiating in Brussels - said that after gaining green light from E.C for giving date for pre-accession talks with EU, Serbia is a target of investment of more and more huge companies.

One investment, that could satisfy more than 2/3 of Serbia general public debt, is exactly the investment into IT sector of silicon chip development, that comes from one huge company from U.A.E.

By Mr. Vučić words
, this investment can be expected by the end of the year; or even sooner, when whole public will know what company is coming. "The company's which was to remain anonymous until they accomplish some studies, but all I can say... Well, all I can say is that the size of the investment is about 20 times larger then what FIAT brought to us - respectively to what FIAT does now. Now, you calculate and measure what can it mean to Serbia, and its citizens."

- "Generally, just investment into Serbia of that company would cover deficit 2/3, or even more, of state's public deficit. So, straight investment - which would develop trough some 4 years to accomplish and be finished - as we are talking here about huge center for developing silicon chips meant for the IT industry. I don't even wish to calculate what type of benefit would citizens of Serbia have with opening of this gigantic factory of chips. Employment would significantly rise, by cutting unemployment by minimum half. And the earnings from the exporting products of this factory, we were talking about the investment benefit, but I've forgot to mention the direct money income from selling the factories products for greatest IT companies on World..."

- On question when can we expect this to happen Mr. Vučić said that it isn't up to him, it is up to whole Government to make a good climate for all those who want to invest into Serbia. Serbia is now an attractive country to invest in, as we have an tax-free agreement with Russia and China, trade-free agreement with EU, and same type of agreement with U.A.E and with many more countries.

What Serbia is remaining to do is to:



Do you think that Serbia is ready and should join EU?

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    • lafamillia profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Soutcentral Europe

      I just love Australia. I have a mate from the class, we went together at the Comprehensive School, and he's now somewhere in Australia.

      What I am looking for is someone that would help and charismatic, talented, good looking 23 year old guy with "high-skilled worker" profile as a Certificated Microsoft Computer System Administrator for IT Network Infrastructure.

      I would really appreciate if there is a will from your side, to help to SURVIVE and save one life from being ... Nothing but a 10% of what he can be.

      With at most respect,


    • sylvia13 profile image

      Sylvia Gadea de Beer 

      6 years ago from Shoal Bay, NSW, Australia

      Yes, I would like to help you! The only problem is that we no longer live in Austria, as we moved back to Australia when my husband became Emeritus Professor in October last year. So in a way, the one who is now living in the Middle of Nowhere, or Somewhere is me! I am happy there, as I lived in that country while I was studying and working many years ago. My two children were born there and my daughter is now studying in Melbourne herself, while my son will soon complete his 6 month military service with the Austrian Army. He did not have to do it, as he is Australian citizen, but he feels Austrian.

    • lafamillia profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Soutcentral Europe

      Would you being able to help me?

      My e-mail is:

      - So, are you able to be a host for 1-3 months, until I find a job - and I will pay-out every single favor that you'd provide to me.

    • sylvia13 profile image

      Sylvia Gadea de Beer 

      6 years ago from Shoal Bay, NSW, Australia

      I think education and work are both feasible and it is just a matter of trying, I suppose. Good luck!

    • lafamillia profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Soutcentral Europe

      I have certificates, and diplomas - and I would like to go further with education and to work. Even for minimal. How is that feasible from my side?

    • sylvia13 profile image

      Sylvia Gadea de Beer 

      6 years ago from Shoal Bay, NSW, Australia

      From what I understand, anybody who is citizen of an EU country can go and live in another EU country. That is often used by students, for example, who can go and complete part of their studies somewhere else. My husband works in a university and he has had EU students from Poland, Greece and Spain, in addition to other non EU from Brazil, Argentina and Chile.

    • lafamillia profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Soutcentral Europe

      What I am looking for is easier and better way of employment, better health-care... I would like to have UK, or Danish pattern of country.

      My question is can I work and live freely, without any restrictions about money or guarantee-letter, if I have an EU passport/citizenship. For instance, Hungarian ? Can I go to Denmark, and live and work there?

    • sylvia13 profile image

      Sylvia Gadea de Beer 

      6 years ago from Shoal Bay, NSW, Australia

      Congratulations on your hub! I wrote yesterday that I used to live in Austria, close to the places you have mentioned here: Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia. Kosovo and Montenegro! I am happy that you are now joining the EU! One of the benefits I like is being able to go to another country in Europe without having to worry about the currency!



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