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Serbia To Legalize Marihuana: Medical Proposes Only

Updated on March 25, 2015

Serbian Healthcare System Worst in Europe

Caption: Serbia's Health Care Worst in Europe
Caption: Serbia's Health Care Worst in Europe | Source

Europe's Worst about To Do Radical Step Forward

"Europe's Worst" - the title that Serbian Health Care got after all indicators measured by the relevant EU institutions like European Commission, European Monitoring Center for Drug and Drug Addiction, and other have positioned Serbian Health Care system on 47th place of 47th.

- Serbia has made some huge steps forward indeed in recent years, since change of "Democrats" that have been ruling this geopolitical important country for more than 12 years.

Serbia has been started it's reforms tho, but citizens of Serbia have been left without hope for 12-13 years since Democrats haven't done much for Serbian citizens. Now, since 2013. Serbian Advanced Party have taken over the majority in Parliament.

- Extremely motivated new Government, has made up a team spirit in Government and it seems to be working extremely good job, for more than a 200 days since elections in March 2013.

Reforms that Mr. Vučić have done already have been recognized by EU, and Serbia has became this year official "candidate country" for full membership.

Nevertheless, nothing much is changing in the Health System since re-elections of Government... Until recent! Government also underlines that this is NOT a legalization for recreational use like here in case < CLICK HERE > but strictly cannabis oil and other derivate for strictly medical use!

RECENT CHANGES (most obvious ones):

  • Changes in Public Sector by reducing salaries and implementing "Solidary Tax" for all those who receive more than 1000eur per month
  • Reducing number of employees in Public Sector
  • Boosting Private Sector and inventive ideas for attracting major corporations and company's making a lot of:
  • Greenfield investments
  • Brownfield investments
  • Changes in Banking sector ( more transparent and more liberal banking system) lead to PayPal coming-in and future Policy Changes being active from October 8th 2014.
  • Reducing slightly unemployment rate
  • Boosting IT sector
  • Modernization of Health Care (whereby we will talk about them

Marihuana as medicine

Some of the ways that prescribed marihuana is given at the pharmacies in US countries, and some EU ones.
Some of the ways that prescribed marihuana is given at the pharmacies in US countries, and some EU ones. | Source


Serbia, within it's recent changes made and reforms in Public and Private Sector is about to legalize marihuana use and it's active ingredient THC (tetra-hydro-canabiol)

- The fact that Health System that is rated as the worst in Europe, making usage of marihuana in medical proposes legal is definitely something positive and a huge step forward when it comes to way of being humans being treated in Serbia in its hospitals, clinics, E.R's, etc...

Recently a public debate has been held on Philological Faculty with Ministry of Health actively being part of it - made this event historical. This is the first time, that any representative of Health Care System of Government of Serbia is present at any of these type of events.

Why? - The answer relies in the Constitution of Serbia whereby organizations
with goal of "promoting violance, usage of alcohol, usage of drugs, advertising drug and alcohol usage..." are forbidden. The particular part whereby it says that organizations that promote usage of psychoactive (drugs) substances are forbidden; is the key element why this even was historical.

- Also, what is behind the event, recently held, is obviously the new Constitution of Serbia is definitely on it's way (as already announced due the Chapter 35 - regarding Kosovo*).
Citizens of Serbia, are now keen to see what impact will have all these reforms that new Government on head with Mr. Vučić will do. Will Government keep it's word, and actually legalize marihuana for medical proposes, and will Serbia join EU until 2018/2020?

If you want to know the answer of the second question, you have to go a bit further into politics or read some of my previous articles. But, what really surprised Serbs is that with this kind of Health Care system, we are going into legalization of marihuana instead of getting "first things first".

Serbian Minister: Zlatibor Lončar publicly says: YES FOR MARIHUANA IN MEDICAL PROPOSES | Source


Also, banking liberal and transparency level has been risen so PayPal came in 2008. and now, on 8th of October 2014 Serbia should be member of this e-commerce platform; within it's full features including not just sending money but making withdrawal as well.

Behind the Curtain "Legalization"

Why is legalization happening now, and what's actually behind the announcement of Ministry of Health and Government representatives that marihuana will be legal for usage in medical proposes?

  • The actual fact that Serbia has the worst Heath Care System in Europe, taking 47th place of 47 states rated, is that Health Care of Serbia can actually be improved by this move and all the income from prescribing it can go directly into improving some of the sectors in Public Health Care that have been ruined during 90's.

Also, what's hidden under "Legalization of Marihuana" is the fact that by the laws of Serbia, that have been recently changed, such as the key part of Criminal Charge law and Chapter 123 and 124 where it says: " judge can release totally suspect/ convicted person for possession of opiate drug "marihuana" if judge thinks that quantity of founded drug is relatively small and therefore can be used for personal usage. "

What brings us legalization for medical proposes and upper mentioned recent changes?

Recent changes of Criminal Law whereby possession of small quantities can be considered as quantity for "own usage". The judge is the one that decides what is the "small quantity/ relatively small quantity.

- Well this is a trick of the Law right? One person, judge, is responsible to consider what is "small or relatively small quantity" . What if, and in most cases it is, the judge doesn't know a thing about marihuana, and consider a quantity of 3.7grams bruto weight (along with plastic bag) as something that isn't a "small quantity" ?

- What then?

What if, with all due respect, take an example of a relatively old lady or a man, who has never been in situation to even see how "drug" called marihuana looks like can that judge, and/ or jury, make the right decision whether or not to prosecute and fine the person or even worse- lock up in jail ?

When curtain closes...

When curtain closes, what is left? What can citizens see from these drug law and Health Care reforms?

- All reforms made by the new Government of Serbia, on head with Mr. Vučić, have made some diplomatic and some radical changes viewable by citizens of Serbia. I can agree with that, but what does an average 24 year old IT expert have from it, who's father is ill from cancer?

When "the curtain closes", (not) good Serbian laws are still in practice.

- Although, it is badly 200 days since Government on head with Mr.Vučić got into chair of Premier, some reforms are obvious. The starting Accession Negotiations with EU, starting and opening few chapters that are mostly those that are the hardest like Chapter 35 (optional charter; for countries with opened border question: in our case Kosovo*), and legalization or at least announced legalization of cannabis and cannabis derivatives by fall.


Still after fourteen years of Revolution ("The 8th October Revolution" ) 90% of citizens are living on the edge of existence. Still, average teenage Serb spends twice more than Austrian teenager.

Country with the worst Health Care System, is implementing marihuana in its regular health care system, although it has problems with funding the very basic treatment for palliative care and/ or with substitution treatments with methadone and buprenorphine.

Still, in 99% people being treated with any narcotic based medicine like fentanyl, buprenorphine, or methadone can't find a job; meanwhile Serbia is legalizing marijuana without prior classification of Narcotics. So there you have on one side "marihuana as opiate drug" in Criminal Law of Serbia, and on other hand legitimization of the same thing- just in the different system of the very same country.

Serbia still pays workers on "Ademia Shari", Airport in Pristine on Kosovo* and all other workers in Kosovo* although all Serbian Government bodies on ex-Serbian province have left in '99 after 73 days of U.S/ N.A.T.O booming.

Also, what is interesting is that Serbia pays >1.5 milion euros per days for Kosovo* for sentance "KOSOVO IS SERBIA", leaving and paying people that are in some offices sitting or not, and acting like official body of Serbia.

Now after all summary what happened to this nation, legalization of marihuana in medical proposes is the last thing that Government can do. The youth is either running away, or doing drugs; becoming heroin addicts in 90% of cases- without proper and modern ways of treatment EVEN THOUGH MEDICINES LIKE HYDROMORPONE (Jurnista(R)) that can be used in O.R.Talong with methadone or without it.

People, are we living in Republic of Paradox ... Or we just... Punishing ourselves for 13 years, until this Government that done things like major greenfield investments (FIAT, MICROSOFT, SIEMENS, NCR, ETIHAD, GASPROM, etc...) as well as privatization of National shares in companies that were in total debts; making them leaders in region- whereby the best example is JAT AIRWAYS (Yugoslav Airways Tran..) which has been bought by EITHAD and making it "AirSerbia", as well as buy-off of "ZASTAVA" auto-industry in Kragujevac by "FIAT" auto-industry gigant.

Serbia's future?

Do you think that Serbia's current Government is doing a good job and that legalization of marihuana is right decision?

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    • lafamillia profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Soutcentral Europe

      I appreciate your attitude, but my text is not politically colored. Good hub is good hub nevertheless if I write marihuana or marjuana. Both are miss-spelled. Serbia is among TOP 10 European countries that has 0% of public deficit in era when EU is struggling with public deficit itself.For instance. So please, next time, read some facts about what steps have been taken so far- and then discuss. Even what you are mentioning, economics +2% , infrastructure ( more than 1800km of roads, Sartid- Smedervska Železara), battle against trafficking of narcotics and people and other crime down by more than 9%, etc...). Results that so called Democrat Party haven't done in 13 years of their governing of this poor state. I would like to hear 13 year results in compare with 2 years of new Government. New government enjoys support of USA, EU and Russia. We get voices of support everywhere when it comes to reforms and pro-european integrations. So please, you aren't objective at all. Was Tadic at Mrs. Merkel ? Was Tadic in Washington D.C with highest representatives? Did that government brought you PayPal? Just some examples...

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Perhaps you should consider having someone proofread your work prior to publishing. It took me nearly twice as long as it normally takes for me to read an article, your sentence composition is below average, your grammar is quite poor, your spelling is awful. Having to read every sentence three times to finally understand what you're trying to say is extremely irritating. Furthermore, I believe journalists are meant to do their research on the subject; "marijuana" (eng.) "marihuana" (serb.) is actually an old Mexican term used for "bad tobacco", the plant itself is called "cannabis", and its subspecies are "indica" and "sativa", it is important that appropriate and correct terms are used instead of misleading, slang terms.

      Also, the changes happening in Croatia regarding cannabis implementation into medicine and fitotherapy are not as promising as one might think at all - it is well known already that their government does not even consider regulating production of cannabis itself, rather importing it from countries where cultivation and production is already being done, and only reselling it to patients in Croatia, implying high taxes and prices. How is that the best for the people in need? Profiting from sick people, shattering their hopes of allowed cultivation for personal needs, and the last but not the least - risking importing cannabis from countries that allow genetically modified crops that potentially have low to no medical value.

      This entire article is generally poorly written and is too obviously emphasizing political goals (yes, I'm fully aware of every aspect of situation in Serbia and generally every state of Europe for the past 20 years). The value of "democracy" in Serbia is flat zero, and don't even get me started on ex-radicals repainted into "progressives" and their "reforms" devastating Serbian economics, market, infrastructure, media biasity, budget, justice system, etc.

    • lafamillia profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Soutcentral Europe

      It cannot be that there are no people still that don't want to comment on this topic?

    • lafamillia profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Soutcentral Europe


      - Well, I think the same should been happened so far in Croatia; two years ago I think. Even a pharmacy that sells only cannabis was opened.. What happened with that?

      Regarding not doing well as a country... Well, we do give at least learn-books to kids from Croatia that emigrated from war there, and do not destroy Latin-letter written boards and stuff. We do not spit on everything that comes from Croatia. I think, actually that Serbia as a country went much more further than Croatia that is a member of EU. We might have problem with Kosovo* but that will be resolved by new Constitution. Even, for instance, air-transit... AirSerbia has become leader in region with more 2.2 million passengers in less than a year. FIAT, PANASONIC, NCR CORP. , MICROSOFT, and others came in Serbia and invested here, as well as South-Stream that will and it's already a huge project.

      Where is Croatia in all that? While Serbia's GDP has small growth, Croatia's GDP is going down or stagnates. Source: IMF, MMF Datasheet

      Also, I would say that current Foreign Policy of Serbia is very well oriented, and it's pro-European but keeping good relations with East and Eastern Economic Union as well.

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 

      5 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      I live in Croatia and not far from Serbia. I have learned that Serbia is not doing well as a country and to legalize Marijuana is another topic. I don't think it is a good choice and who knows when Serbia will enter the EU?


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