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What Is A Serial Predator

Updated on July 10, 2012

What A Serial Rapist Looks For

Rapist look for and like locations like empty stairwells,empty office buildings,elevators,parking lots,anywhere that is secluded from alot of people. Serial rapist operate in a comfort zone, some prefer inside or out,day or night, they normally establish an approach and an easy escape that they usually tend to.

Rapist love to attack where you feel the most safest and where you put your guard down and that place is your home. A Rapist will track your every move, they will remember when you come and go. They'll also watch for what times you are alone and when you go to bed, there able to do this because they are peeping toms that will watch you through your windows either by watching from a parked car or standing outside your window, just waiting for the time your most vulnerable. Rapist wouldn't strike just any home they pick the one's that are secluded by tree's, bushes and lighting.


A serial Rapist is a person that watches someones every move. Rapist do there homework, they study up on ideal spots to strike a vulnerable victim. Rapist are known for their methodical preparation,there practice ability to attack vulnerable strangers and the compulsive,recurrent nature of their attack. Rapist are usually someone that has been sexually assaulted or molested at some point in there life.

What You Can Do To Protect Yourself

The best thing for anyone to do is watch your surroundings, change your routine around like times of doing things. Lock your doors including garage door,windows when your home alone.Take different routes to and from places(work,stores,friends house,etc.)this way a predator wouldn't be able to keep track of your every move. Cover your windows with dark curtains or shades at night. If affordable get an alarm system for your home or a dog that will bark when a stranger is present.If you feel your being watched have a friend come and stay with you or have a friend come and check on you at different times.

If A person is following you as your walking walk diagonally and if there still following walk in the middle of the road to attract attention,walk confidently and call 911. If you see someone standing out side by the front door of your apartment building or home keep driving and don't stop.. Go to the nearest store,street corner. anywhere where there is alot of people and call 911. Have the police escort you home and have them check the inside of your home. If your in your home and are awakened by a loud noise like glass breaking or awake and in another room then go to a bedroom or bathroom and lock the door make sure you have a phone with you and call 911 quietly so the person can't hear you and wait for police to arrive and until they come inside and inform you it's them.

It's unfortunate that in society today we have to deal with issue's like this when there use to be a time you could leave your home unlocked all of the time. Follow these advices and it should help you stay safe.



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    • Minnetonka Twin profile image

      Linda Rogers 5 years ago from Minnesota

      Thanks for the great information. It is scary that we have to worry about such things in our present time. Very useful information and I thank you.