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Domestic Workers - Indians Big Problem.

Updated on February 8, 2013
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I am a Textile Technocrat having done my Diploma in Textile in Textile Technology a 3 and 1/2 year course in Govt SKSJTI Bangalore.

Real picture of a 5 year old girl who does not want to study or work.How to make her stydy is my problem.


Maid gets Male Problem - Male gets Female Problem.

When my wife asked the Marketing Guy who was showing us a Villa in a remote village about the availability of servant maid in the place,the smart guy said Madam the villages are full of servants only.I asked him about the driver and he said all farmers know driving because of the compulsion to use tractors and drivers were all over the place.I wanted to ask him about the gardener but knowing what would be his answer I shut my mouth.It was only when we moved to the layout in the village that we understood the National Servants Problem that I realized how we were cheated by the Marketing Guy.He never bothered to help us once he sold us the plot and later we understood it was not only us that underwent such cheating but many of the persons in high circles were also victims of such magnitude unbelievable from people who showed us such respect to us be-four we paid them.Once we had paid the money we were on our own and he never bothered to even send us a e-mail for any reply to our problems.

The first thing my wife wanted after we moved to our Villa built by the Villa who was a illiterate contractor who built our Villa with experienced laborers knowing nothing about civil engineering was having few women laborers and I requested him to allot us a servant maid.He said his laborers would not work in houses washing vessels or sweeping and mopping floors.I was surprised to hear that they would lift loads of sand and cement mix but not do house work.I went one step ahead and told him that I would pay what ever he was paying.He said that would create labor shortage for him.I was not knowing what to do.The next thing I did was to ask my hotel server and waiter to let me know if they can fix a servant maid they said that we were staying in a far of place even though to me it was not and expressed their helplessness but advised me that my taxi driver could help me.The next morning as soon as .the driver came I told him my big problem.He said hele will bring a girl but would be costly for me.Since I was hoping to get some body I told him to bring the girl and we could discus the problem of wages later.This female wanted to do her make up in the same beauty parlor as my wife went.and it was embarrassment to my wife and some how she was sent out.

The next was a girl of young age and she left for a job in a garment factory.

The next was a cook who would send her 2 daughters for work but left for herself with out informing.

The next was our layout gardaner wife she had to go as her husband was sent to another place of work.

The next was a tribal women whose husband was our security guard.

The next is the same girl who had left early for a job in a garmant factory.

Men are not safe in their Underwares.


Why do children mostly girls prefered in Domestic Help.

In my village every house has a little girl who gets up early in the morning to wash vessels that were used to cook food previous night after they had washed their day's quota in the evening after they return from school.It so happens there are more girls in the that they can send that extra girl for domestic help in some neighboring house.The house they choose must suit their time and the wages they expect should be acceptable to the people who want them to work in their house.The information on the financial status of the family they go to work is gathered by people who meet them like the milk man,paper man,post man,carpenters.masons,plumbers,cable guy and so many who visit the house.They know exactly the correct person who gives them the right answer and there is no way you can be secure from many information that they get from known persons to not only us but to them.

Gone are the days when a servant in a house was like a member of the family and called the employer his/her godfather.Our fore fathers were indeed their God.Servants would address them as Swamigalu.In our house we had several servants both male and female.There was one to carry me to the school.There was another to milk the cows,A female to wash cloths, vessels used for cooking and other food items as also coffee cups etc,etc.She would also sweep the floor inside the house and all around the house.Mop the floor inside the house and sprinkle water and sweep the ground outside the house.She would not

work in any other house.She would not leave the job at all.She was our help in many ways.We would ask her money also some times to eat in a hotel.Eating in a hotel was not necessary as we were given everything.We that is myself only could not resist the aroma of snacks prepared by the hotel which was few distance away from our house.Today people live in apartment complexes and the servants here are well organized and no one can say they are servants they must be called as domestic helpers.The wages and perks are uniform to all those who work in these apartments.

Problems with Servants.

All most daily there will be one rape of a servant maid or domestic helper.

One court case of a big sex scandal with the daughter of a doctor couple by the male servant of the house is going on since years and many such cases go unreported.

There are also reports of thefts and murders of people by servants all over India.

We have to take care of our belongings of money and gold jewelery.

We have to pay advances when ever they ask which they may return if you are lucky.

We have to pay cash as gifts on festivals that they may or may not celebrate and may give back as they please at their convenience or tell us to cut some amount from their monthly wages.They may also quit the job and vanish.

We cannot give used clothes but new clothes.

If we drink Tea they must also drink Tea.

If they send their minor children to work we cannot object.

If they steal any thing we cannot ask them if they have taken by chance.


They have even got ATM Cards my wife Aunty.


School later wash dishes first and come.[ This is no cartoon ]


Works as she can't go to college 7 kilometers from her village.

Life of Girls in Our Village.

Are the girls in the village dish washers.

Most of the family's in the village make use of their daughters to sweep,mop and wash the cooked vessels of their house.The lady of this family goes to work in vegetable gardens to pluck vegetables on daily wage basis.They have to report near a tractor trailer at the appointed time so that they can be brought back by the same trailer in the the same tractor trailer owned by the owner of the garden where the vegetables are to be plucked.There fore they cannot waste their time washing vessels at home.These lady's are paid on production basis.That is they have to pluck say tomato's in 20 plastic crates in fixed time to get their wages.They are very united in this work like if some one has plucked only 18 crates others will help her complete 20 crates.The wages presently is Rs.250 per day. with 3 or 4 Ragi Balls with curry made of Water,Tamarin,Red chilli,Salt and few curry leaves or tomato's. They do not have the same work daily on all days.These women who work in fields consider their work superior to domestic work and many family's do not mind if the girls do not go to school or get dropped from school.However in urban areas its opposite girls go up to degree level in colleges and their mothers support them by working as domestic workers in several houses per day.Gone are the day's when you could keep a domestic worker called as servant during early 40's

.Its very difficult to get domestic working girls in Villages.


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