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Setting up of a volunteer team to clean society

Updated on June 21, 2019
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content writing Intern at Prayaas Corps|| social activist || writer

Cleanliness and hygiene are two very important aspects of a healthy life. Cleanliness means keeping ourselves clean by avoiding grime. It is the best practice to keep everything clear. In order to maintain our personal freshness, we need to practice cleanliness very carefully and make it the most important habit. It is very necessary to maintain the sterility of surrounding together with our personal hygiene. If we talk about our health (physical, mental, social and psychological), we notice how important personal cleanness and cleansing of the environment is crucial for us. The whole environment is our home which we need to keep clean in order to be healthy forever.

Some people understand the significance of asepsis strongly and follow all the habits; however, some of us throw excesses and nasty stuff on the road which gets spoiled and make them ill. If a clean atmosphere can keep our mind and body healthful; in the same way, a dirty atmosphere puts a detrimental effect on our body and brain. Many suffer from infectious diseases because of infectious agents in a dirty environment. Disease-causing agents become very active in the foul and filthy environment and can cause diarrhea, cholera, hepatitis, flu, etc.

I have noticed heaps of filth and dirtiness in my neighborhood, and surprisingly nobody cares about that trash. When I talk to my next-door-neighbor about this issue, I came to know, they are also concerned about it but don't know how to take the stand and clean the area. Being an intern at Prayaas Corps I have already be a part of various social activities. So we decided to start an awareness campaign on cleanliness and hygiene in our society, to inform people about the importance of cleanness. We prepared posters and organize a talk session to interact with people on this issue. In the first meeting, only a few people showed up, still, we are delighted and spread awareness about the importance and necessity of a clean environment. The campaign helps us in the formation of our small yet, effective team of 5 volunteers. From the next day, we started cleaning our society by starting from our respective houses, we break the heap of waste accumulated, it was stinking badly but we didn't stop, we dispose of it, in garbage truck that comes to collect the trash, the cleanliness drive went on for one week, after that a drastic change occurred and surprisingly there was no pile. People have collected and dumped their trash in the municipal dustbin on their own, the area was cleaned and no fetor was coming from there, moreover, our locality also seems to be clean that day. I was happy that my small team of volunteers has brought out a big change. We arrange another campaign and this time we beckon people from the different locality also, in order to expand the drive to clean the entire town.

This small incident has taught me to see the change you want just become the change yourself. You have to take a leap of faith to accomplish big things in life.


Intern at Prayaas Corps

Engineering undergrad|| coder|| writer|| bibliophile

Prayaas Corps

Prayaas Corps is a Non-Profit Non-Governmental Organization working in the field of Education Sector. The captive initiative of Prayaas Corps is known as Shiksha Mission in which underprivileged students are provided a class of education. Apart from the mainstream education system, children are educated about new technologies, skills to cope up with the challenging and competitive world.

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