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Sexism in the Radical American Christian Caliphate

Updated on August 3, 2015

Women need to get radical with Vagina Power

First off, we need to thank the brave leadership of President-God Obama; on his climate change agenda. President Obama is simply kicking butt and taking names. Dam! Where was this man hiding himself? I do not know what got into him; but I am gonna need a moment to adjust.

The attacks on Hillary Clinton, just keep coming and coming from the radical, Hillbilly Christian Caliphate Republicans. They can not stand the fact that so many of in the Obama Admin, nor the fact that President Obama is part African and the radical Bush-Evangelical Caliphate Republicans dam sure can not stand the idea of a female president.

Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee, Rand Paul, Rubio are just a few of the Republicans that will not stand up for women, gays nor blacks. Notice that they will at least pay lip service to some demos of non-Muslim immigrants BUT NEVER WILL THEY CATER TO THE WHIMS of females, gays or blacks in America. They are just waiting for all of this to pass (waiting for Obama to leave) & then it will be unleashed. Christian Republican Terror ,backed by the full force of the shadow Bush Government, being sold as compassionate conservatism. Been there; done that. Seen it all.

Ya see, it is ok for men to go around and slap a woman on the butt; simply because she has on some short Daisy Dukes and a tank top. And if a woman walks around in the United States with a tank top or T-shirt, has on no bra and has a nipple imprint; OH MY GOD! The American Male thinks that it is his god given right to stare and harass the woman with these high pitched, ball park whistles.

  • Americans, in general, simply think its their God-given rights to be annoying. Americans are the ONLY people that can literally terrorize others with annoyance. Political Parties in America, lose entire elections because they are simply annoying.

The Radical Right Wing, is now upset at Planned Parenthood, over some highly edited, spoof videos and demanding to 'shut down the government' (their favorite political terror tool) over abortion but yet these same Republicans do not want Universal Health-care, no sex education and no contraception? This isn't the Middle East or Africa, but it is the habits of the radical right-wing Christian Caliphate.

Recently we had a celebrity,Morrissey, upset and ranting because an airport inspector had to check his cock for a possible ISIS bomb. This guy was an international traveler and we all know that American Airports are always the main targets of hard-core ISIS Terror Cells & people like Alex Jones.

Men in the Western World are under this hard-core belief system; that their bodies belong to them but the body of a woman belongs to every other man, that wants to own her.

  1. Men walk around constantly hitting other men on their butts and they even do it to women that work at restaurants. But if a woman slaps a man on his butt or feel his penis, then the man goes into a total state of shock. Like this is just something that is so out of the ordinary that it can not really be happening. These are the cycles of sexism that we must break in the U.S. Women simply need to go around and slap men on their butts and feel their penis up; simply because its your right. Teach these men a lesson.
  2. Men pose on main-stream, non porn mags with no shirts on and have their nipples exposed. These magazines are all over stores across the U.S. So, when are females going to either take offense or start walking around shirtless?

It is imperative that the Federal Government starts to weed out the true sexist and break this Brady Bunch Mental Mold of FBI Puritans; that has America under this sexist grip.

Until women start walking around with their tits out and until women learn to sit at a restaurant with micro-mini skirts, no panties and learn to spread their legs apart; we will never get rid of sexism and the United States will continue to look like a 'white washed' version of the Islamic State; except we drag out Jesus and slap him over our sexist crimes, in the name of Christianity. Just like every time, there is about to be some shady racist mess, going on against African Americans; they roll out Dr.King, from the tomb, and splash him everywhere. All psychological deception and distraction tech.

How many Hollywood Films, have we watched, that always shows the male actor, grabbing the female actress by the hair and slamming her against the wall; only to have the male actor do as his pleases? Anyone ever watched a Michael Douglas film?

If women do not stand up, for their physical and social rights as women in their own country; then how in the hell can you stand up for the rights of women in other countries?


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