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Sexual Harassment is so Easy?

Updated on September 20, 2018
P.Banerjee profile image

Probir is a content writer with ample experience in various domains. He is from Kolkata, India and runs a content agency, Contentoto India.

What is a Harassment?

It's Sexual Defamation!
It's Sexual Defamation!


My name is Probir Banerjee. I have changed this name to Toto Banerjee because that looks like a good professional name. I will rise to extreme heights in Business and I will do it anyhow.

Yesterday a guy called me up and started using slangs using words like a fucker, ass hole etc. I had advertised for some positions on and he was an applicant. He had asked me to look at his application. I did not do it. He told me that a girl had posted on an FB group that I harassed her, flirted with her and that my company does not pay to employees etc. She told me a loose character person. The guy who called me up said I had no company and it was only for sexual motives.

I was more astonished than hurt. I had a friendly discussion with the girl on WhatsApp because I did think that she was a good writer. I do not know the rules of talking to girls from Kolkata. In Assam, we always have free and frank discussions with anyone. I did not assume that the girls from Kolkata will take it as a sexual advancement first of all.

I live at Patuli and if you come here, you’d come to know me well. I have no girlfriends, no affairs, no sexually predatory history and no past accusations of such kind. I used to watch a lot of porn a few months earlier but currently, I have almost stopped it because I am a mature person now and I do not like the way porn destroys the moral judgment. I do not like it because I think it is not something very morally correct. I am 37 years’ old and I am a virgin.

I am not a hermit. I have sexual tendencies and I have chatted with girls with sexual motives on WhatsApp sometimes (maybe in last three months only). I have stopped that too because I think that is also not very good to carry on.

I have a bizarre view of women and I think they are not trustworthy and dependable in terms of chastity and moral character. This might be an outcome of my porn addiction, but I have that point of view intact in my mind currently.

Now, when I saw that FB post on a writers’ group, I clarified my stance immediately on my company’s FB page. I rang the girl’s number twice but that girl did not pick up her phone. Meanwhile, the guy who called me up yesterday told me that he will complain about me to the Jadavpur Cops.

I told him that he harassed me mentally and if I choose suicide, he would be responsible for that. The guy changed his tone immediately.

Now, I am NOT afraid of anything. If people want to destroy my reputation by false accusations, although I don’t like it, I really don’t care much.

If the guy approaches the cops and I somehow get arrested, what will happen? The cops will beat me? They will torture me? Or they will hang me? I don’t care all these activities at all. I am ready to face anything. Just anything. Even if they do the cruelest torture to me, I don’t care. What will happen if they do so? I will have excruciating pain? I will feel too bad physically and mentally? That’s not anything of my consideration. I want to see how it goes through because I am not afraid of torture or death or anything.

Now, see, I am NOT a goon. I do not want to use my courage to be a goon. I do not want to harass girls because I do not care about anything. My father was a very reputed teacher and my mother is one of the most civil women I have ever seen. I do not want to be a nasty leader or a Don or a goon because my family rules do not teach me that. I have only one aim and it is to be an extremely successful businessman. I will never use my courage or my talents against the society or women or anyone.

If you read my Facebook or Twitter timeline, you can see that I have no fear of anything harmful to me. I am not afraid of any politician, underworld Don or anyone. If I become a very rich business owner and political goons come for donations, I will NOT give a single paisa to them if I feel or think I should not give it. However, if I feel like I should donate money to something, I will not stop myself from donating it for a good cause. I am not afraid of facing any action from political parties or goons for not paying Chaanda (donations). If they can torture or kill me, that’s good; but I am also not afraid of killing or murdering anyone. If they try the wrong way, I will answer them the wrong way if I think I should do so.

I have tremendous sexual affinity but I do not want to have sex with a lot of women. I was a very pervert guy when I was 20 something but I did not harm any girl or roamed with a girlfriend ever in my life.

I had started a political party called IIM2 and I had dissolved it later on because I felt that a person with so much sexual affinity is not fit for political positions. It was all in Delhi when I was doing an MBA. I was a rebel in the campus and I had revolted when I found that the promise of the University to ‘Learn and Earn’ was a lie from the very first month of joining the University. I am not afraid of fighting with anyone.

I am a die-hard patriot and I want India to be a good country, and that’s why I started the IIM2 group. I still want it. I have a strong sense of ethics and the accumulative result of patriotism and ethics has always steered me away from unethical activities, including promiscuous relationships. I had a desire to become a political leader but when I found that political ideologies make women slaves, using all unethical means, I stopped taking an active interest in politics.

I can become a top-class political leader in a time-span of 1 year. I just need to start offering lectures on the stage, and that is not a big deal. India is a democracy and I can start arranging meetings anywhere as and when I want. That will need only a loudspeaker and some guys. I am telling this because I have been mentally tortured by political communities for my honest and unafraid attitude for a long time. I can do anything, I just don’t want to become a political leader because it is not very interesting to me anymore.

Now, about sexual advancements. I have successfully made sexual advancements many times. I do not think women are made just to respect and to stare. Sexual affinity is a natural gift to human beings and I am not afraid to say I had very high sexual affinities till a few weeks back. But from the last five to six weeks, I am having a feeling that I cannot become a lecherous guy because that is not very ethical. I am not going to do anything against the social norms as much as possible.

I was not trying to make sexual advancements against any particular woman in the name of my company. They may think so because I chat very openly about all issues and my personality often seems like flirting, but I am not very keen to make REAL sexual relationships with a lot of women. I have got some opportunities to be sexually active recently, but when I reached the final stage when I could have done that, I discarded the opportunity because my conscience did not permit me to do that.

I have brought my mother to live with me here in Kolkata because I do not want to be lecherous and anti-social. However, I love my mother very much too and I think my life is cheerful because she is living with me. She is very simple and I apply all my wrong ideologies to define her many times, but when I think deeply, I find myself at the wrong end for telling her all my ideas about women which is probably very wrong because it is formed only from wrong profane digital involvements, such as porn.

However, I still have a negative point of view about women. This was only enlarged by the irresponsible post of the girl about my company on Facebook. She said that my company does not pay. How could she know whether my company pays or not when she had not joined the company? The chatting about the job opportunity lasted for only maybe seven days, and she understood that I am a loose character and flirting boss in the span of a week. Very intelligent girl, you know!

I had a similar kind of situation in another instance too. I used to give all employees, including girls a nickname when they joined my company. One girl who also happens to be from Kolkata objected me when I used a nickname instead of her original name. I also ask for pictures and marital status when I recruit women who would work from home. The BENGALI lady doubted me of making sexual advancements in that instance. I do not know if the culture in Kolkata is that of sexual predators because, in total two instances of conflicts, the girls were both from Kolkata. But this second lady was not arrogant to take it straight onto an FB group. However, she supported the girl who posted that sexually accusing post indirectly which proved that she also had a negative impression of me.

This has caused a negative impact on the mindset of Kolkata girls in my mind. I will never be friendly or too frank with any girl now onwards. I think being too honest, friendly and taking the sexually open mindset while chatting with girls is not taken well by these girls. They doubt that I want to take sexual advancements when the truth is that many people want to take sexual advancements in most of the situations. I was a fool to be too frank with these girls.

I will really think deeply before recruiting a female in my company from now. I will avoid most of the female applications and will mostly select males except in the cases when the women candidates are extraordinarily skilled or have proven expertise in writing or editing. But, it is a truth that I am not very happy after watching such extremely reserved points of view of Kolkata girls.

I also want to add something out of context here. I know very well that Kolkata is a resource-deprived metro when it comes to economic and technological progress but in the nastier domains, all kinds of varieties are available here. So, I really cannot justify the extreme reservations of the Kolkata girls and women when it comes to chatting and other issues related to a digital professional relationship.

I do NOT have a real company till now as I operate virtually. But I really don’t think I have any ambitions of harassing women in the name of a job because most of the jobs I advertise are ‘work from home’. But from now onwards I will limit selecting females for the roles as much as possible. I do not want to engage in a wrong conflict with the girls because they are too reserved and think me to be a flirting boss.

So, I am sorry for all the kinds of sexual advancements I have made without thinking deeply about them. I promise that I would make Contentoto India one of the best companies in the world. The ad hoc accusation has only made me more alert and thoughtful about not talking anything else apart from profession while dealing with candidates, both males and females.

I will actively limit recruiting female candidates in my company from now even if that sounds like gender discrimination because I do not have the patience and time to clear my stance like this instance in future. However, I will also stop any kind of flirting-like behavior because I think the women do NOT deserve a friendly and frank boss.

By the way, there is no proof or anything in anyone’s hands to prove that I take sexual advantages digitally. If any girl has any proof, they are equal partners in the crime and the number of such females will not exceed 2 in my life till now.

People often get what they deserve, and these girls can probably tell themselves whether they are living a serene and happy life the way they portray themselves by reacting to my flirting behavior that only happened digitally and due to my candid point of view about women.

I am a more responsible person from now onwards.

Thanks a lot.

Here's the Facebook Post

Where's the Justification? Can any girl write anything she feels like?
Where's the Justification? Can any girl write anything she feels like? | Source

© 2018 Probir Banerjee


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