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Men and Women and Consensual Sex

Updated on November 10, 2017


Am I the only person in the world who is aghast by the avalanche of sexual harassment and molestation disclosures that are coming forth? Certainly, I am not. Since the dawn of time, men and women have been engaging in overt and covert sexual enticement, sexual foreplay, and sexual intercourse. Our insatiable fascination with sex fills the coffers of movie producers, bankers, investors, politicians, actors, actresses, songwriters, and entrepreneurs worldwide. America is a society that is beset by the sale of sex and the pleasure of sex. So much so, that sexual laws must be enacted to safeguard the innocent. These laws are a necessary restrainer but even with these statutes we find ourselves inundated with allegations of sexual harassment and sexual molestation. But this observation is not about rape; it is not about uninvited sexual harassment; nor is it about the validity of homosexuality. It is simply about men being attracted to women and women being attracted to men. Though the sexual point is highly debated; man was made for woman and woman was made for man. Regardless of the effort that may be expended to keep the sexes apart; men and women are inextricably attracted to each other.


That was the Divine Purpose of God. It was His will to make a female mate that physically complemented and satisfied the spiritual, the intellectual, the emotional, and the sexual needs of the male. The anatomy of the female body, being created from the male, was created in such a way that the female body, when aroused by the male body and united with the male body, produces a fully functional sexual unit. Though that sexual unit is assailed by various doctrines; the unit cannot be destroyed. It is the indestructible attraction of the male and the female sexes to each other that populates the world. It is the indestructible attraction of the male to the female that causes intelligent men to behave as brutes. It is the indestructible attraction of the male to the female that causes laymen to forfeit their hidden ambitions. It is the indestructible attraction of the male to the female that makes men of renown and commoners alike forget their former alliances. It is the indestructible attraction of the male to the female that gives significance to a man's monotonous existence. It is the mysterious, yet the all-too familiar power of the female aura, that turns a man into a child and causes a strong man to lose his bearings.


While a man's body affords him more physical strength than the body of the female; emotionally the female is the stronger and the wiser of the two sexes. It is she who decides with whom she will mate. It is she who decides when and where the mating will take place. It is she who decides whom she will marry. It is she who decides whether she will entertain the attention of an additional lover or the attention of numerous lovers. It is she who decides whether she will be a faithful wife. It is she who decides whether she will remain in an unfaithful marriage? It is she who decides whether she will birth her mate’s offspring. Though the man might wear the pants and though the pockets of those pants are lined with more money, social, and political recognition than the pockets of a woman's trousers; it is the woman who determines when, where, and how the pants are worn. Long ago, Black women use to say, "A man can't do no more than a woman let him." That was and remains a true maxim. When it comes to consensual sex between two consenting heterosexual participants, women need to remember that it is incumbent upon them to recognize the relational flaws of their male counterpart. In addition, both sexes must understand that one's intellectual level has nothing to do with physical and sexual attraction.


Intellect is an individual's ability to collect and to recite facts. Wisdom is the understanding of the appropriate application of those facts and how those facts impact everyday life situations. Intellect can inform you why you should not be attracted to a certain individual or why you should be attracted to a certain individual. But it cannot keep you from being attracted to a certain individual nor can it propel you into the arms of a certain individual. It is wisdom that accomplishes those emotional tasks. Physical attraction and sexual satisfaction are dual inseparable gifts that come from God. They are designed to do exactly what God intended them to accomplish. It is beneficial to every woman to understand that a man is a man. He, is designed by God, to admire the attractiveness of the female form; to woo the female, and to procreate with the female. When females do not understand the male's design; they inadvertently expose themselves to social and sexual situations that are not conducive to either sex. When males do not comprehend that every meeting with a female is not an opportunity for a sexual liaison; they place themselves in precarious legal and moral situations. Men and women alike need to be completely honest about the intentions of their hearts. The man needs to tell the woman exactly what he wants. The woman needs to tell the man exactly what she expects. If either, is offended or not interested, both should walk away. There is no loss for either one. Finally, both sexes need to gain an enlightened spiritual view of the awesome power of the procreational, recreational, and spiritual purposes of sexual intercourse. When they do, perhaps they will respect the personhood of each other and just maybe there will not be a need to draft any new sexual harassment and sexual molestation laws.


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