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Sexual Politics

Updated on February 10, 2014

A Rose in a Concrete Garden

Sexual Politics as defined here; means our rights and privileges based on our gender. I question when this was determined . Was it in the garden that fatal day when Eve persuaded Adam to eat the forbidden apple from the tree of life. In her defense she was naive who knew the serpent was bad.

Another school of thought is;during the Caveman era brute force decided what gender was dominant.That's right ladies domestic violence.

Society has gone on to use color, pink if you are a girl and blue ,if you are a boy to distinguish gender. Other components include voice ,mannerism,and , the obvious, genitalia to this list. American Women have struggled for their rights from the 1700's until now as congress tries to control what she does with her body.African women have struggled as well with female circumcision on the front page more often than not on the international news front. Arabic Women are force to wear drab hot clothing in a dessert. They also have no parental rights to their children upon divorce. (Remember Sally Fields portrayal in Not without my daughter)

In some parts of the Middle East ,some women are likely starve to death without a husband. These regions forbid women to work out side the home.She may even be stone to death just for an accusation of cheating. Globally, woman have the common bond of struggle and we are doing something about it.Still i think of many powerful women in history who have defied the limits that were placed on her.

These women fascinate and inspire me to greatness with their magnificent spirit,femininity and brain power.I have chosen women from ancient times to the present. There is an old African proverb that states;We are standing on the backs of our ancestors, this adage rings true for gender as well as ethnic groups. These brave female warriors reminds us of who we were, who we are and who we have yet to become .Their feats range from high end seduction(Cleopatra) to outright rule (Queen Victoria). I have also taken a look at women who were first to decide her own future(Marie Curie). We know so much with the information age yet we sometimes understand so little. I have chosen to evoke these images to remind us that even when we had few rights, within the best of us, we held a lot of power. I hope you enjoy the brief history i have provided of each phenomenal woman.

no talk would be complete with out this daytime queen!
no talk would be complete with out this daytime queen!
power comes in all forms
power comes in all forms
United We Stand
United We Stand
You go girl
You go girl

Powerful women then and now

Placed on her.


  • HARRIET TUBMAN- tireless advocate of the human civil rights movement. Responsible for the underground railroad
  • MARY MAGDALENE-history suggest Jesus's wife or a senior disciple
  • ELEANOR ROOSEVELT-first woman elected in the senate in 1911. She arrived in the white house as first lady in 1933. While most first ladies were hostess and chief Eleanor was the eyes and ears of her disabled husband.
  • MARIE CURIE-married Pierre Curie became the first husband and wife science team
  • JOAN OF ARC-17 year old farm girl who lead the British army to victory and held a seat as a member of the royal court all with in a years time
  • MOTHER THERESA-won a Noble Peace Prize in 1979 for establishing hospices for destitute s
  • MARIE ANTOINETTE- Became the first Queen beheaded for her lavish lifestyle France wasn't having it.
  • CLEOPATRA- famous for her marriage to Caesar and Marc Anthony and her Ruler-ship of Egypt
  • INDIRA GANDHI-controversial Prime Minister of India
  • NEFERTITI- Rule Egypt after her husbands death and her bust is a global symbol of feminine beauty
  • QUEEN VICTORIA-has a whole era named after her she held real power for 63 years. She was responsible for doubling the size of England and kept it free of war.


  • MICHELLE OBAMA- the first African American first lady . She is the 44th first lady.She is know for her gardening initiative and her weight loss push against childhood obesity
  • HILLARY RODAM CLINTON-became the first first lady to be elected in national government office
  • CORETTA SCOTT KING- wife to Dr.Marin Luther King and an Activist in her own right
  • NORMA McCORVEY- young single woman who sued the state of Texas m for her right to have an abortion the now infamous Roe vs.Wade
  • SHIRLEY CHISHOLM-1968 Shirley Chisholm selected to congress first African American Congress woman
  • ANGELINA JOLIE -Contemporary Actress who is now for her tireless Humanitarian work
  • BEYOUNCE- Contemporary entertainer who address women's issue on her own terms
  • ALICIA KEYS- contemporary artist who is known for her humanitarian efforts
  • ROSA PARKS-lady who found her self at the head of a bus boycott because she refuse to give up her seat to white patron. This move would eventually declare this practice unconstitutional in Browder vs. Gayle.
  • JOANN ROBINSON-professor at Alabama State College who distributed the flyer for Rosa Parks Boycott
  • ANITA HILL- in 1991 Lawyer Anita Hill Testified against Clarence Thomas due to lack of real evidence Clarence took his se
  • at on the Supreme Court


Although, I am always fascinated by our brave if sometimes self serving sisters.I clearly understand the challenges that are ahead of us as the other half of the human race. It is my fondest dream that one day women all across the globe will be free and will take their rightful place on the world stage.In the meantime, how do we maximize some of options we do have?, namely location. Where we live plays an enormous role in how well we live . So ,I have taken the liberty of listing the best cities for women to live in the U.S. and if you interested in travel have provided the best International destinations as well.

Where you live matters

According to Huff Post Women . These are the best cities for women . They have factored in job rate pay, living standards and safety.I am a creature of habit like everyone else. This tendency as made choosing another state almost nonexistent. Notice i use the word almost . I will move cause i do want a better life. When armed with planning, willingness and resources both financial and geographical anything can be achieved,,just food for thought! (source:Huff Post).

  • 10- Philadelphia,PA
  • 9-San Diego,CA
  • 8-Baltimore,MD
  • 7-Denver,CO
  • 6-Seattle,WA
  • 5-New York,NY
  • 4-,St.Paul,Minneapolis,MN
  • 3-Boston,MA
  • 2-San Francisco,CA
  • 1-Washington,DC

Best Countries For Women

(click column header to sort results)
Score from greatest to least  
Score from greatest to least  
6.New Zealand
Source :Huffington Post. If you are wondering ,The United States(0.737) ranked 22nd, countries like Cuba(0.741),Lesotho(0.767)and South Africa(0.749) ranked higher than the U.S.


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