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Sexual Orientation (or Disorientation). The continuation of Discrimination across the Nation

Updated on January 24, 2016


This is an update on this article written 5 years ago.

When it was written there was no hope for anything to change in this lifetime. But nature has a way of taking care of itself. And God (goodness) does work in mysterious ways.

It has come to pass in just these past 5 years that this subject has taken a complete new avenue.

The Supreme court has deemed same sex marriages the law of the land and this minority does no longer have to live in the shadows of society, with fear of being outed, ostracized, fired from jobs, denied housing, physically and mentally abused by the public, or murdered without any government sanctions.

There is still a long way to go to add laws that end discrimination of minorities as a right by religious groups, corporate bigots, and the ugly side of political pandering.

Of course there is still the fanatical religious right wing zealots who want to hold onto their hatred under the guise of their religions, and who will continue to fight to overturn any progress made for equality for the gay community, women's rights, civil rights,voting rights, etc...etc...

Hatred and discrimination is a hard thing to give up for some people. Especially for the religious factions who have built their entire businesses on hate, intolerance, guilt, fear, and discrimination against anyone who does not believe as they do.

So, i am leaving this article as it was written 5 years ago for the sake of preserving its historical value and the heroic efforts of those who fought against the vile discriminatory practices of religion and politics for profit; without whose valiant efforts this freedom (albeit still limited) would never have come to pass.

Sexual disorientaion - The Governments Stand

Sexual disorientation
Sexual disorientation | Source


Or more specific "sexual orientation" (or disorientation).

First of all it must be said that there is nothing 'Gay' about being gay.

Governments and religions need to stop trying to mandate morality and stay out of the bedrooms of private citizens. Sins are only in the minds of those who would judge others.

The word "orientation" is inappropriate and offensive when it comes to trying to define being born a homosexual. The word (homosexual) in itself has become something of a negative and abnormal insult to those who have no choice in what they are born to be in this world.

The word "orientation" implies that there is a choice involved in making a person responsible for electing to be something other than that which they were born to be.

Orientation by definition:

1. the act or process of orienting or being oriented.

2. a general or lasting direction of thought, inclination, or interest.

3. a change of position by organs, organelles, or organisms in response to external stimulus.

To apply this definition to a human being is to be totally ignorant of factual identities as a birth right. To suggest that anyone could "choose" to be something other that what they were born to be is counter to logic, common sense, or common decency, and devoid of any intelligence at all. Not only that, but suffice it to say that no one would deliberately "choose" a life of persecution to the point of being put to death.

To imply that what mother nature creates is in any way immoral is more than ignorant and totally lacking in intelligence. This is the interpretation of past ignorance based on nothing of any value to humanity. We now know that there are many variations of gender that individuals have no responsibility for being. This is also true of people born with different eye colors, different hair colors, different skin colors, being born without limbs, without eye sight, dear, blind, and an assortment of mutated abnormalities.

Personal responsibility

It is time for everyone who has an "INTELLIGENT OPINION" [with 'intelligent' being the operative word] to finally stand up for what is right, logical AND especially relevant.

If we can not be 'man' (adult) (confident) (strong) enough to stand up for the truth, and what is right, then we must kindly learn to keep those opinions to ourselves. For as we know: opinions are like rectums - everyone has one, and most of them stink.

Instead of blaming the homosexual for being homosexual, let's start straightening (no pun intended) out the complete and messy mistakes that inept religion, medical, scientific, and government communities have made (and continue to do so). And also recognize and own the responsibility, in the perpetrating and perpetuating of the anguish and unnecessary pain they have inflicted on a vast number of, not only American citizens, but on all of the gay communities around the world.

Born ignorant

As with other traits we are born with, there is no evidence that ignorance is a birth anomaly.

But when it comes to those who practice it, it soon becomes apparent that it is a worse trait for humans to possess than being born 'different' than the average person.

The craziness of the attacks by the medical, scientific and government are no more than offshoots of the ignorance of religious input into the development of the mores of society itself.

For the narrow minded and the religious brainwashed among us, please take a few minutes to read the hub entitled: "Are People Born Gay?". (see link here) This is a study based on scientific facts not on religious ignorance.

The wide spread ignorance phenomenon

In spite of all of some people's protests - this is NOT a 'choice' of a lifestyle; AND in spite of a faction of society's archaic beliefs, these creations of mother nature will not be challenged, or changed, by their continued insistence and ignorance.

We cannot change what we are born to be, and this nonsense about "conversion therapy" is one of the most ignorant things we have seen/heard in our lifetime.

We cannot continue this discrimination and hateful smear campaign in the name of the Creator. This is just wrong in ALL levels and aspects of it's connotations.

Let us look at why we have these erroneous beliefs and why this persecution must come to an end -

  • For the sake of our personal sanity.
  • For the sake of our global sanity.
  • For the sake of humanity.
  • For what is right and just.
  • and especially for the sake of overcoming ignorance.

The birth of stupidity

For the error of humanity in the making a false judgement on any of the Creator's manifestations, here are a few factual points to ponder:

1. The Roman Catholic Church and the Roman army were the perpetrators of this hate campaign. They did not realize the ramifications of what they were doing at that time.

Their only interest was in building up their armies to defeat all their competition in the religious arena of the times.

They were only interested in defeating their 'enemies" and asserting their superiority in that quest - mainly directed toward the Islamic faith.

Any and all passages that are in your bible are the thwarted attempts to force the Roman people to propagate and build their armies.

And so - the hatred began here. A hatred propagated by the Roman government's own personal religion itself for self serving reasons only, and then further twisted to try and convince their followers that this reflects true "hatred" emanating from the Creator itself - in lieu of the truth.

Other religions aside from the Roman Catholics (Christians), believed that anything that was not considered "normal" or part of the mainstream majority, were manifestations of evil and blamed on the devil out of ignorance of the underlying sources of these natural occurrences of nature.

There was certainly nothing based on logic or facts, or even common sense.

2. The government appointed Popes were as ignorant as they come. They knew how and why this passage was introduced into their bible and chose to ignore the facts. Today with the increased public awareness of homosexuality in this church's representatives only brings to light exactly why there are are so many homosexual religious leaders today.

The mistaken views of religion, that homosexuality can be "controlled by prayer", is a form of mass hysterical insanity, wishful thinking, or an excuse to cover the damages they have done to this minority.

You can no more "pray away" being gay, than you can "pray away" being fat, foolish, forty, or effen ignorant.

Homosexual youths are lured into entering the priesthood because they were brainwashed into falsely believing that god will "cure them".

The Papal leaders that started the idiotic practice of celibacy among priests only encouraged homosexual men to enter into this profession and take a vow of chastity, as a means of escaping the scrutiny of the judge-mental-ism of the general public.

3. Scientists are at fault because they will not publicly address findings of a "gay gene", strictly for political reasons. This gene was discovered in the 1970's, was briefly written up in the Journal of Medicine, then patented and hidden from the general public by patent laws.

Having this knowledge come to light would jeopardized their careers, subsidies, grants, and have the ignorance of their religious believers bear down on them.

In their twisted sense of self survival, saving the pain and anguish of a small part of society was not worth what they stood to lose.

4. Government Is especially culpable for continuing their refusal to admonish their wealthy "benefactors" for continuing this blatant discrimination that is unjust and illegal under our very constitution.

Their agenda is clear, and has nothing to do with equality, or morality, at all. They are using the gay community only to further their own agendas to taunt their hateful opponents, as well as pacify their proponents.

But worst of all, those individuals that we 'elected' to represent the American people in total, opt to discriminate indiscriminately against those people that their individual religions have taught them to do.

5. The medical community also shares a large part of the blame for refusing to make a statement that it is fact that all people are born somewhere within the spectrum between male and female. (As shown by the graph in the article "Are people born gay?")

They are fully aware that the majority of people cannot understand the complexities of genetics that determine the birth rights of all human beings. So they choose to let the religious community dictate their position on what they consider a "moral" issue as opposed to a "natural phenomenon".

Every human born into this world has some traits of both male and female. When ova and sperm unite, there is NO differentiation between male and female. This determination is made by the genetic make up and whatever triggers that switch to produce male or female characteristics.

It is truly random and can land anywhere within that spectrum between male and female. (again, i urge you to look at the hub linked above for clarification). This information is not debatable, refutable, or opinionated, and based strictly on scientific fact.

Enough blame to go around

It is a shame and a blight on the scientific, medical, religious, governmental, and all the other so-called "intelligent" communities of this world, that refuse to see that they are all contributing to the falsity of each other.

They are all equally guilty of this crime against humanity simply by their very silence, strictly done to selfishly protect their own self serving interests and personal, financial, and political agendas.

Until at least one of these groups decide that humanity is more important than their own personal agendas, this hatred, bigotry and discrimination will continue indefinitely.

The most important of all of those groups, that would have the most impact on public opinion is of course the religious community.

The religious community has always been reluctant to admit that they have made many mistakes in judgement and logic over the past thousands of years.

This is historically evidenced by the fact that they preached for years that the earth was flat, the center of the universe, and that the sun and all starts rotated around the earth, and many, many other biblical fallacies.

Even more appallingly illogical, that attitude is still present today with some religions still teaching that civilization began 6000 years ago, and that science is wrong and religious beliefs trump science itself.

We must realize that the "individuals" who make up these institutions, or entities: (medical, scientific, governmental, religious, et al..) all, each and every one of them, have been subjected to the same brainwashing techniques of their respective religious cults and bring those indoctrination's with them, throughout their careers and their own personal life times.......

.....and this childhood religious ''brainwashing'' colors, taints, and poisons all logic, rationality and reasoning.

The cure? Education, Education, Education. Knowledge has the power to change all. .

It is time to stop the ignorance and discrimination

The underlying politics

Why does this "new political power group" {right wing christian conservatives} , and its current trend, to attack and destroy education at its basic levels in this country exist at all?

Their plans are:

  • to destroy public schools and replace them with private and religious schools,
  • to advance their affronts on women, and women's rights, banning the word 'uterus' from being spoken in public, destroying women's health clinics, forcing unnecessary ultrasounds, banning doctors from preforming abortions for ANY reason, etc...
  • to condemn anyone who speaks against them, their staid ideas of morality and their lack of common sense.

These agendas are only adding to the general "sexual disorientation" that they all possess, and cling to, like it is some kind of merit badge to behold and be proud of. (Much like trying to cling to a giant turd floating down a river of urine).

Will our humanity, sanity, and general intelligence every develop, or are we doomed to distinction, or extinction, by our own religious stupidity and ignorance?

We can only hope that humanity comes to its senses before it totally destroys itself, once again.

by: d.william from 04/06/2011 to 01/25/2016

Euro Pride 2008 Dance music

© 2010 d.william


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    • d.william profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      Thanks for visiting and commenting. That is what i have always contended that those who scream the loudest against something they perceive as immoral are only fighting their own fight against what they really are. And they think they are fooling everyone? And using religion to justify those suppressed emotions is truly disgusting and unacceptable to the the logical mind.

    • CR Rookwood profile image

      Pamela Hutson 

      6 years ago from Moonlight Maine

      It's crazy. Like, whacked to the tenth power. What cracks me up (even though I know it isn't funny) is how conservative religious people always act like if there aren't all these rules against homosexuality then society will collapse. What's funny about that is that it kind of assumes that without constant vigilance, most people would just start having wild orgies with all members of their same sex. Really? That's just hilarious.

      But really, it makes sense. I honestly do think that that kind of overreaction is a psychological sleight of hand in which these folks profess to hate what they long for. In other words, I think if you are raised a certain way, homophobia is the first step towards admitting you are gay. It's sad. And look at how many of them end up in the news having same sex affairs. That kind of confirms it.

    • d.william profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      Thank you for reading and commenting.

      My sentiments exactly. I can not even begin to imagine, let alone rationalize, how our society became one of judgmentalism to such a degree. Those who judge and try to mandate their own brand of morality onto others are the worst offenders against humanity.

    • Josak profile image


      6 years ago from variable

      Too right, this bigotry in politica makes me so mad and its always completely illogical we need to get religion out of politics once and for all.


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