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Shaking Off Them Blues

Updated on January 2, 2010

My "In your face" republican't Obama Pins


We got us a black man

elected for president,

never thought I'd live to see the day,

Lord Almighty, Ol' Johnny McCain said

he was gonna whip Obama's "you know what"

but it 'pears he's the one got whipped.

John tried the novelty of a woman for his vice,

'cept that's all been done before,

but 'dere never was a black man for such a choice.

Course I would like to see a woman win someday,

it would truly be a kinder, gentler, nation then.

But now we got this black gentleman,

reaching out to the poor and the middle class,

blending right into the melting pot.

Plans to make us all some stone soup,

where everyone contributes and all get fed.

He's the rock taking the heat,

we threw in our votes and fattened the feast.

I'll betcha Martin Luther King

is still dancing in his grave,

hip-hopping, diddy-bopping and praising God.

You see he'd been to the mountaintop,

in fact his spirit lives there now,

but the White House holding a black man!!t

That's a whole new mountaintop.

Free from the chains of a legacy

centuries old, bending them into change.

Rich folks all rushing around,

calling the kettle black,

buying their most popular vice some fancy clothes,

but you can't dress up the truth,

it's naked, always has been

and the truth is ..."it's time."

Time to take a huge stand,

make racism catch a bus back to the 1700's,

make 'em ride in the back too.

Skin deep isn't so thin anymore,

it's thick in a nations warm handshake.

It's the chance for a black man to sit

in the oval office, that sacred seat denied for so long.

Might just have to call it "The Black House,"

for eight years or so, who knows.

It's been a dark place anyways for almost a decade,

Time to landscape the bushes,

and plant some seeds of common sense

in that big ol'chair behind the great seal.

United states at last.

You see we got us a black man

elected for president,

he tore it up like Jesse Owens did,

way out in front of the race.

Oh, feet don't fail him now.

And the best part is, I'm a white man,

whose ready for some compassion,

been feeling the blues way too long.

I just went and punched out some chads,

some retribution for all of my ancestors cruel mistakes,

cleaned that slate, in a tiny little booth

that shook the status quot.

You ready America,

hang we go.

©-MFB III- 11/18/2008-Art Whimsically Yours Studio


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