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Shaming the Poor

Updated on October 19, 2017

How would you like to be in these shoes?

Why someone has gotten to here, isn't as important as helping them be away from there.
Why someone has gotten to here, isn't as important as helping them be away from there. | Source
No shoes.
No shoes. | Source

Negative Judging

I personally cant count the times I have read a story on the hardships of another. Usually, it is about homelessness, the loss of a job or the strife in the collection of benefits and witnessed the cruel, hard words of people who have not ever walked in the shoes of the vulnerable person or family the story is about. I've witnessed those who believe the following: "must not have paid their bills they deserve it", "how is this my problem?", "likely a drug addict and alcoholic", "losers!", "look at those expensive tattoos, they could afford that though!", "anyone can make it if they try, they've obviously messed up their life themselves, that is their problem, not mine!", "they have a car to sleep in, why didn't they sell that and keep their housing?". And, it goes on and on.

Abuse of the vulnerable

Many places are making it illegal to feed a homeless person, and are placing barriers in areas that they frequent to sleep. It is as if they want them to die off and be gone. I can't understand that nor the community response to acceptance. Many saying things such as "how would you like your property value lowered over "these people" sleeping all over the place?" To that I say, when did money become so much more important than a human being? Some will argue for ages, people kill for it. That isn't what I am talking about, I am referring the complete lack of compassion for a vulnerable brother or sister. Some of these same people probably attend rallies about bullying and the rights of mentally incapacitated people, or women's rights...I guess unless they happen to be homeless. They don't have to attend a rally to show support, many do so by posting things on Facebook, all of which makes them a #1 hypocrite if that same person is happy to see the rules on feeding the pigeons, I mean the homeless and placing barriers with spikes where they used to sleep.

They don't have to attend a rally to show support, many do so by posting things on Facebook, all of which makes them a #1 hypocrite if that same person is happy to see the rules on feeding the homeless and placing barriers with spikes where they used to sleep. I can't fathom the cost of these laws, regulations, and rules on top of the costs of permits and such to rebuild areas to place spikes to deter them from resting there, hiding from a rainstorm there, or escaping the hot sun there.

One town I know of well as I grew up there has now made a law the homeless can't use the benches on the street. A little something about that town. First, it used to be quaint and historical, so many wonderful old buildings that have that charm and beauty, and when I was growing up there, nearly everyone knew everyone, even if it was just familiarity, seeing the same people at the diner, the grocer, newsagent and the like. Now it is built out to the point it is barely recognizable and this was to attract tourists who went there many years with all this overbuilding and condos that never existed there costing over a million dollars. The homes that were affordable for the folks working there no longer can afford to live in the town they always had and always worked in and now that YOU have made these families homeless you want to shun them, shame them, and punish them for existing along with anyone who dares offer them food or heaven forbid defend their right to sleep in a park.

If you don't want a homeless problem don't build people out, don't raise the cost of living there 150%, which you have. I have seen homes there for sale that are absolute garbage for $350,000.00, that would never be worth it to anyone had you not allowed million dollar condos on the main strip. Yet, homeless people are the problem...

Real life for the vulnerable

Who are the homeless? Why are they homeless?

These are people who do not have a permanent place to live. They are financially unable to get housing.

Many, many people are only a paycheck or two away from being homeless themselves and therefore it is a growing problem that mainly revolves around affordable housing and decent paying jobs. However, it also is a problem due to divorce, spousal abuse, PTSD, depression, untreated mental illness, as well as disabilities. So it is also important that these vulnerable people are able to access affordable mental health and medications, be able to obtain affordable wheelchairs or any other device they are need of, they need to be able to access affordable counseling and any other services that they require contributing to their well being and that of their family they may have with them.

What can I do to help?

There are many things we can all do to help those who are homeless.

First, if there is a food pantry in your area, get with friends and family and ensure it has adequate supplies, as these also help struggling families that aren't homeless.

If there is not one, consider starting your own nonprofit organization to put a food pantry in your community, you will need to have a plan and look into it carefully to ensure that you will be up for the challenge, one that will bring you great rewards in term of knowing that you are taking steps to reduce hunger in your community.

You can buy gallon sized ziplock bags and put bottled water, crackers, tuna, hand wipes, granola bars, gift certificates, socks, and fruit snacks.

You can also buy a warm blanket when you see one on sale and donate it to a shelter or a person you see is homeless, you can call your local homeless shelter and inquire what their needs are for the demand they are under.

If you see a homeless person in a diner having a coffee, ask the waiter or waitress if they have eaten, if not, buy their breakfast. See if you can find out if they have a family if so, do what you can.


© 2017 Lisa


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