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Sharing our Financial Crisis with the World

Updated on February 24, 2012

We are so missing the point

I posted an article in in regards to a movement of the haves versus the have nots, Occupy Wall Street. I have been trying to post this reply in there since 5am... is 10am now, and the site keeps displaying a weird message. So if you don't mind, I'm posting it here. In any event, it's a message worth spreading.

Not many posts of mine have gotten so many comments... I'd love to say is because it was so well written.

As I'm scrolling down the posts, of course they end up getting, as it normally happens, a tad personal. Pots calling kettles black, when there's nothing wrong with being black. Pun intended.

There is nothing wrong with being rich. Nothing... Yet, in some odd way... there is. Some could state that we all spend our lives trying to be rich. Some blame Obama, some blame Bush...

Blame has nothing to do with a worldwide financial crisis; maybe deregulation does. But blame just buys time and keeps us hungry.

Amidst globalization, we fail to look out our windows

The world is not flat. There are almost seven billion of us out there. Many of us don't have enough education to know what 'being rich' means. 300 hundred thousand cases of scabies every year, tuberculosis is making a comeback in some communities. If you do not see the relation, you are missing the point.

There is nothing wrong with having a good life. But we are missing the point.

Prescription medications, for example, started about the 1940s. Since then, cheap remedies like hydrogen peroxide and flossing barely gets any media. Listerine and Fosamax do.

In 2006 the Federal Drug Administration declared that coconut was to be classified as a tree nut. Hence, those allergic to nuts should be forewarned. Coconut, wonder of nature that ails the organism in so many ways, with no known side effects. If you don't see the relation, you are being duped. Coconut is not a nut but a fruit.

If you insist in making it about Republicans or Democrats you are missing the point.

If you make it about having a case against all rich people, or those who earn 400,000 dollars a year or more, you are missing the point.

This is about a system that has been snowballing ever since the invention of Social Security and a bit before that.

The United States economic system is not responsible for the world's financial crisis. Yet it shares part of the blame.

The financial system of Dubai, with its artificial economy, shares part of the blame.

The financial system of Greece, with its neverending splurging, shares part of the blame.

The financial system of Mexico and Ecuador, with its cartel political corruption...

The United States territory of Puerto Rico producing millionaires left and right after a four year term in politics.

Brazil, Venezuela, Spain ignoring the claim of its have nots. Just like we do.

India is also going through a housing bubble, as it is Iceland... and many other countries... do we blame the Republicans or the Democrats for this? Or are we going to be able to actually look beyond our window sills?

20 Trillion Dollars=Our Financial Crisis Aftermath

This is way bigger than Obama, Clinton, Bush or Nixon. This is an engrained system worldwide. A system that favors the breach between those that already have access to riches and those that struggle. There is nothing wrong with being rich, although I'll never understand why would anybody have a need for such an exuberant amount of money... maybe to let me know about it.

What it is wrong is to see the ad on TV asking me to give $20 a month when I don't have $10 to spare. What it is wrong is the thought that maybe if I even give those $20 they have a great chance of ever reaching that boy that I saw in the photo. That is wrong.

It took seven million dollars just to transition between Pope John II and Pope Benedict XVI.

This is much bigger than the United States. This is way bigger than Texas.

You might want to get your earplugs for this link, a documentary entitled "Inside Job", produced, written and directed by Chris Ferguson, an award winning production on what really happened in regards to the financial hoolabaloo we are going through... Is a bit low on audio, but streams free, and that's one thing we all can agree to for the time being, we all love free.

Update: The video has been removed from the Internet, I downloaded it this morning. Please try and get it... and share it.

20 trillion dollars down the drain can clog any sewer. If I was part of the 1%, I wouldn't want you to watch it. Here's the moviescript though. The film is still available for purchase through Netflix and Amazon, instant download for $14.99.


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    • CrazyGata profile image

      CrazyGata 6 years ago from Puerto Rico

      We can only do so much... Those executives that retire with six figure bonuses and six figure pensions, those that get to buy a house in artificial islands, should be call to order.

      Thank you very much for posting and following.

    • elucidator profile image

      elucidator 6 years ago from SoCal

      Thank you for the hub. I believe one of the keys to action is realizing the 2/3 of the world has one pair of shoes and one shirt. Most of us (an assumption and generalization about those reading/writing hubs) would be considered wealthy to those living in many world areas. As far as humanitarian causes, we can't put a dollar amount on "the rich." We simply all need to do our part. Look at where we are spending our money and believe it starts with "me" I can do something. I can make a difference and start a movement that will not blame others for what is not being done, but takes responsibility to be creative and help.

    • CrazyGata profile image

      CrazyGata 6 years ago from Puerto Rico

      I'd be happy if the Vatican let's go of some.

      Thank you for posting HSchneider and QualityContent.

    • QualityContent profile image

      QualityContent 6 years ago

      The key is getting money out all together. Then everyone, including the children of this world can finally have life.

    • profile image

      Howard Schneider 6 years ago from Parsippany, New Jersey

      You are exactly correct CrazyGata. The wealthy and corporations are passing legislation to exacerbate this problem. The gap in wealth and income between rich and poor has never been this large. Everything is broken including our tax system due in large part to the Bush Tax Cuts. The tax reform now being proposed will make this gap worse. The rich have the money to influence elections and politicians and they are now getting their way. The key is getting money out of the campaigns. Of course the Supreme Court is blocking that. Great Hub.