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Shattering A Blue Beam

Updated on March 5, 2014
Rumored part of Bluebeam - HAARP station Alaska
Rumored part of Bluebeam - HAARP station Alaska

Insider Amnesty

Should an amnesty for paradigm insiders, to encourage full understanding of the history and development of Contact, be included in any official contact event?

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Bluebeam vs the Real ET

Ok, so what happens if ET decides to pre-empt our illustrius upper managment with an unambiguous contact? Poor project Blue Beam, can you say busted? It is without a doubt that the crooked among us will have some alternate game plan up their sleeve. But it would still suit the humor of humanity to peruse the frustrate scowls born of an upturned apple cart and a fully awakened public. Just how then will they fumble the ancient history and over 60 years of arm twisting secrecy? This ought to be good.

And just think of the ramifications it would have on a feudal type global governance operated out of corporations.....

Public priorities will never be quite the same afterwards.

Ha, ha, ha, yeah right.

Those are my initial thoughts on Project Bluebeam were WE THE PEOPLE even remotely close to being on the ball. A friend once asked me what I thought of the project in comparison to the existence of ET. I replied that I believe we live in a world of dichotomies. On the one hand yes I believe the technologies and likely the plan to use Project Blue Beam exist on one hand and then on the other hand, very real non-terrestrials waltz through our environment with little notice from the majority population too.

What is Bluebeam?

Ideal Shenannigans or Psycho Social Silliness?

In an ideal situation, ET would pre-empt the Blue Beam Boys fake ET invasion plans and basically put them in their place with regards to Others existing right now. It would also put a kink in our worldly management's unethical globalism activities to control world populations. But since Murphy's Law tends to rule much of the human universe, it is unlikely that any intervention would be launched by the Others in any timely fashion and a second American revolution is more likely to provide shock therapy to all the fun and games before ET gets past their own procrastination.

Does this sound like psycho-social silliness? These very real parts of man and 'Verse, are virtually invisible to the well conditioned average person. You use the airlines and stare down the paid pedophiles handling security. You get your dna swiped at birth and many get nailed with a death tax on personal property on the way out, that is if you don't lose your property to eminent domain or inflation somewhere in the middle. Your food is contaminated with gmo's and natural medicines for others is now illegal or prescription only. Dancing in a shrine of a man who loved dancing and music is now illegal in DC. And the sacred document of a nation that was pre-designed as a template for a future planetary governance ready for a Greater Community, is now scoffed at, ridiculed, disdained and ignored by its Fabian socialist transnational leaders. Up is down. Right is left. And a world no longer knows if it's coming or going.

The biggest dichotomy is that while a feudal leadership wrecks several hundred years of practice in preparation for the next step in human society, a placid people sit vegetative and allow the spree to go on. Rubber-neckers can't be bothered to look higher than the tops of car wrecks and patriotism sounds good until you have to organize and really accomplish something meaningful. The people of today don't seem to have the cast iron Constitution that their forebears had in more ways than one. They just can't seem to get away from that couch, or think beyond the basics of their overly simplified lifetime and the tunnel vision they've become addicted to.

Heard of Projection Mapping?


Enshrine the Couch?

If it can accurately be said that we live in the midst of a diverse community of ETs with some positive, others negative, and still others shades of Grey just like mankind then one could hazard that what is said about the unethical ETs thinking and treating humanity like farm animals is well within the realm of possibility and perhaps it is deserved in some respect. Why? Because the population doesn't act as if it cares. It takes no part in its own governance by CHOICE! Many among them profess that it is not their concern nor their business to be actively controlling their leadership or well versed in their own infrastructure, laws, and governmental activities in progress. How can one assume humanity to be anything other than what they appear?

Folks, your Identity as a race is in question. Are you more than a toadstool? Do you still have a future waiting for you to grasp it, out in the Unknown Country?

Why would ET choose to help a people who won't even help themselves?

Perhaps it is your couch which should be enshrined and venerated instead.


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