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Shaylyn Ammerman’s murderer, Kyle Parker pleads not-guilty

Updated on March 31, 2016
Kyle Joseph Parker's court docket
Kyle Joseph Parker's court docket | Source
Continued. | Source

Kyle Parker pleads not-guilty

22-year-old Kyle Parker has been charged with murder, rape, child molestation, kidnapping with serious bodily injury, aggravated battery, strangulation, obstruction of justice, and failure to report a dead body following the discovery of 15-month-old Shaylyn Ammerman who was reported missing from her home last week, her remains were discovered a day later.

Shaylyn Ammerman goes missing, body found a day later.
Shaylyn Ammerman goes missing, body found a day later. | Source

The town of Spencer is still in shock over little Shaylyn’s murder.

Owen County Prosecutor Don Vandermoere said “at this point we will not make an emotional statement about the death penalty or life without parole request. We have a meeting scheduled for next week with my law enforcement officers and my deputy prosecutor who will try this case with me. We will make a decision hopefully in the next month or two in this case” This is the first time in my tenure that I have seen grown law enforcement officers just wince in pain, it’s just horrible”. During a video court hearing; Vandermoere stated “I am standing in front of five cameras and I can barely maintain my composure”.

Kyle Parker
Kyle Parker | Source

Who is Kyle Parker and how did he know Shaylyn?

According to documents submitted to the court, Kyle Parker visited the home of Shaylyn Ammerman after her father Justin’s brother Adam invited him over for drinks around 11:00 PM that night. It is stated that Shaylyn’s father, Justin was asked to join in on the fun, but declined and headed off to bed. Adam Ammerman told authorities that Kyle left the home sometime between 3:00 am and 4:00 am carrying something but wasn’t sure what it was, however, Adam did state that he believed her saw a foot dangling from Kyle’s side but went to bed unsure of what it was.

Shaylyn’s father, Justin told authorities that when he woke at 8:30 am that morning the baby was missing from her crib along with her pacifier and her blanket. Justin contacted authorities after searching the home and the yard, however, no signs of a struggle were found. According to Adam Ammerman this was not the first time Kyle Parker was in the home, as Adam’s mother walked into the home and found Parker holding the baby in his lap after he had been drinking. Authorities were told that Parker enjoyed violent pornographic video depicting women being spanked and engaging in other types of sadistic and masochistic behavior. Parker’s friends told authorities that he was attracted to teenagers between 12 and 14 years of age.

Conflicting Stories

Friends of Parker told authorities that Parker showed up at this home in Gosport the morning on March 23, 2016, pulling into the garage, closing the door behind him. According to Parker’s friends this is something that was out of his character, showing that something was out of the ordinary. Next, friends of Parker observed that he was rather distant and quiet, whereas normally he was upbeat and talkative. Next, Parker’s friends told authorities that Parker went into the home and began washing his clothes, however, Parker said he was doing his friends laundry as a favor and not washing his own.

When authorities questioned Parker, he admitted that he had been drinking with Adam Ammerman on the night of March 22, 2016, however, Parker originally told police that he stayed the night at Adam’s home only to later change his mind and state that he didn’t feel like staying over so he left. Parker has denied arriving at his friend’s home the next morning between 5 and 5:30 am, saying he had just got out of bed not allowing for enough time to judge anyone’s behavior. Parker also denied Adam Ammerman’s claims that he was carrying something and refused to say goodbye.

Interview with Shaylyn Ammerman's dad and uncle

Shaylyn Ammerman: "Heaven just gained an angel"

Investigators asked Parker about the scratches on his forearms and hands, in which they received an answer of “the cats scratched me”, however, investigators believed that the wounds were fresh. Upon speaking to Parker’s stepfather, Mike Patton, Patton told authorities that he would try his best to get his stepson to do the right thing. It only took a few hours for Patton to make good on that promise, as he called the station and said that his stepson was ready to speak to authorities. Next it would be revealed that Parker’s car had been cleaned recently, in fact police found missing items from Parker’s car in the garage at the Gosport home.

At first Parker was uninterested in speaking with authorities, only using head nods as a form of communication, but after authorities pleaded with Parker he finally began to speak and lead authorities to Shaylyn’s body. Parker tried to implicate Adam Ammerman in the little girl’s disappearance; however, Adam passed a lie detector test, telling Parker that his story of how the little girl’s body ended up in the woods simply did not add up. Parker told authorities that Adam had rolled the girl’s body down an incline; however authorities found the little girl naked, and placed ever so neatly against a tree. Authorities also found a pile of burned items next to the body, believed to be that of the little girl’s clothing and other forms of evidence.

Parker's denial and confession

Authorities state that Parker’s stepfather had informed him that the little girl was missing while they were on the way to the police station. Parker’s stepfather stated that upon hearing the news, Parker began crying, while saying that he wasn’t involved in Shaylyn’s disappearance. Parker also told his stepfather that he wasn’t carrying anything when he left Adam’s home, something that authorities had yet to hear as they had not yet spoken to Adam Ammerman, who eventually told authorities he had seen Parker carrying something as he was leaving.

Parker then proceeded to tell his stepfather that he refused to live the rest of his life in prison, and that he would kill himself before that happened. Parker’s stepfather told authorities that he believed that his son would make good on his promise to commit suicide if he were set free to go home.

Police find body of Shaylyn Ammerman; cause of death was asphyxiation

Parker’s stepfather; informed authorities that his stepson admitted to him that he told the girl from her crib the night in question. Parker maintained that the girl was dressed and alive when he removed her from her home, but maintained that the night in question was a fog in his mind, leaving him unsure of the details. Parker was able to admit to his stepfather that he had pulled over and raped Shaylyn on his way to the Gosport home, but maintained that she was alive after he raped her. It was revealed that after the rape, Parker smothered the girl with a piece of cloth he had in the car, killing her.

After killing the girl, Parker drove the little girl’s body to the wooded location that police eventually found her remains. Parker then allegedly used bleach to clean the girl’s body, including inside of his vagina and anal cavity. Parker claimed his did this in order to prevent a jury from finding him guilty without reasonable doubt.


The Indiana Medical Examiner, Dr. Donna Stewart performed an autopsy on the little girl’s body, calling it “the worst case of sexual trauma she’d seen in her career”, finding injuries on the face, and body. These injuries included her vagina and rectum. Injuries were found on her nose and mouth indicating that she had been smothered, as well as injuries to her throat indicating she had been strangled.

This is one of the hardest cases I’ve written about

I have written about a lot of child abuse and child murder in my career, but this is one of the hardest cases I have written about, outside of Brianna Lopez a few years back. I don’t normally make my personal opinion known on news articles, but in this case it is really hard not to. As the trial date approaches in a few months, it is within my personal belief (I am anti-death penalty) that the prosecution in this case asks for the death penalty. While I am against the death penalty, I am slowly moving towards the other side of the fence and agreeing that anyone who harms or murders a child deserves to see the end of a double barrel.

We will continue to update on this case as the trial date approaches.

Will Kyle Parker receive the death penalty or life in prison

Will Kyle Parker receive the death penalty or life in prison?

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