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She will Fight back

Updated on January 7, 2017

Looking at the birds.. she had tears,
Few hours ago even her life was full of cheers.
For her every task was feasible,
Glittery eyes and sunshine smile always made her miscible.
With everyone she was very polite,
She never knew that this is her twilight.
In the daylight, Few demons molested her..
Oh she was not alone, there were viewer.
None stopped them, none objected them,
They were busy to video record them.
No short dress, No late night party..
How society 'll blame her.. ohh my almighty!
They touched Her, they spoiled her ..
They created all fear in her .
She needed people's support that evening ,
They could've stop this from happening.
None had guts to stop those devils,
This is high time to raise voice against evils.
They all came near when the savage boys left,
It was much more sCary than a theft..

Parents must lock her ever since she is born,
Else she'll left with heart pieces torn.
World cannot give her safe environment,
When she'll rise her voice they'll loose temperament.
That day brought flood in her happy world,
She was not able to utter a word .
Father was informed with this news,
He was left with no clues.
He ran and hugged his daughter,
He raised her.. How can he handle this cruel with her.
Tears were rolling on her face,
This is one of her toughest phase.
Mother was worried for her daughter,
Those devils created terror.
Parents promised to stand by Her,
Together they will fight against the world.
He promised that he'll bring back her smile,
To get justice he can walk thousand mile.
He wanted her to be strong,
To stand up and combat against the wrong.
She'll pick up her crown again,
This will be a slap on all people With fake fame.
This is the time to stand by her,
Else the view of future will get more blur.
Educate the society and teach them courtesy,
Else girls will always face misery.


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      Garvit Bissa 15 months ago