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Sherry Todd Green's Musical Message of Emancipation for Women Trapped in the Sex Slaved Industry

Updated on November 16, 2012

Victims Trapped In Sex Trade

Sherry Todd Green's Musical Message of Emancipation for Women Trapped in the Sex Slaved Industry

Everyone talks about how horrible sex trafficking is but no one has the first clue how to begin to address the needs of these women. They can’t comprehend the long term psychological effects nor can that begin to send these women the message that there is love for them in this world.

I have come across an artist who is doing exactly that. She is sending these women the message of love, survival and transcendence through her music. It is not just art but the most loving, spiritually giving music I have ever heard.

Sherry not only addresses the adult women who have survived this horrific trade but also the young girls who can not conceptualize what love is. Sherry Todd Green’s music is just that the message of love for women who have none. Women and girls whose bodies are disposable and only for the pleasure of men who will pay for them. Sherry song #7 says it all.

It offers the promise of love for each of these women and girls. It beckons them away from the sex slave industry and harkens them to reach their actualized loved self. It is socially conscious art which is often not found in the main stream media and yet exceptionally well done.

I have actually had the distinction of meeting Sherry and she is everything you would expect from her music. She is warm hearted, loving, generous, socially conscious and kind. In speaking with her I was so surprised Sherry was so well informed about the subject matter in #7 but she has lived abroad and has personally witnessed the soul crushing toll the sex trafficking industry has on young girls.

Sherry has made this exceptionally beautiful music for all of those women and girls. To help them transcend their plight and break free from the bonds of suffrage and realize true spiritual love. While Sherry is especially careful to include all women she is exceptionally concerned with the young girls sold into this industry.

So of you have the ability please share this music so that perhaps this song can be played on a radio where a young girl trapped in this life can hear it.

Please listen to it as well so all of us thinking of those women and girls trapped in the sex trade and say a silent prayer for their emancipation. Now is the time to emancipate women all around the world from horrific conditions of living in sex trade trafficking. It is time this terrible sex exploitation end of women around the world.

Watch out Adele Sherry Todd Green’s socially conscious art is a rising star in the music world.

Progress is Slow but Sherry's Message is Immediate.


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