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Shield-It-Super Helmet Voids Synthetic Telepathy/Tinnitus

Updated on July 31, 2012

Shield It Super Combats Synthetic Telepathy

I just got 5 square feet of this electronic shielding fabric known as Shield-It-Super. Until today, my mind has been beseiged with thoughts of: deteriorating health, impending death and 2 attempts to take over control of my mind/body. I've been in a semi-comafied state, just fighting the nasty thoughts I was recieving. Now, I'm flying above the "storm", jeering my stalkers and doing everything that violates their "Laws". For the record: screw their unwritten codes by which we are made to suffer like tortured animals.

I'm probably going to need to get body protection as well. They are bombing my head...........but it could be the case that the other "body-effects" come from the microwave-radiation's effect upon the brain itself. Just by keeping your head/ears covered, you may have done most of the work.

Normally, I cannot stand to be around the people I Love when I'm being bombarded by this "radiation". It causes me to be bed-ridden and miserable all day long. My therapist had told me I'd sleep my whole life away and the scary thing was that I really wasn't bothered by that prospect in light of the pain I was then experiencing.

The memory is constantly being erased and beseiged by horrifying thoughts which paralyze the mind. Now I am able to hold conversations with my mother without feeling irritated. What a wonderful relief this simple shielding fabric has brought to me provided I keep my head covered! I feel just like Larry Flynt after his surgery for pain. He'd been on narcotics for years and POOF, he didn't need them anymore. Now, without all the pain clouding his mind he could THINK AGAIN and that was the most precious gift of all!


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