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Shifting the Economic Recession “Blame” From Obama to where it belongs

Updated on January 26, 2014

2010 Will NOT be a Year of Recovery

The Crash is still on it’s way.  Get your money out of Banks while you can.

The vast majority of the talking heads on television are still speaking of the current economic collapse as if it is a temporary “recession” that will soon be over. So far, the vast majority of the American people seem to believe this as well, although for many Americans there is a very deep gnawing in the pit of their stomachs that is telling them that there is something very, very wrong this time around. The truth is that the foundations of the U.S. economy have been destroyed by an orgy of government, corporate and individual debt that has gone on for decades. It was the greatest party in the history of the world, but now the party is over.

First off I am clearly not an Obama fan.  Nothing he has done has “helped” the country get back on his feet.  Clearly his appointments are the same old same old.  Obama in my view is George Bush Part 2, albeit a much better speaker. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not going to let Obama “Off the Hook” for his role in perpetuating the real problem which is our Banking System… but I am not going to blame him for creating the problem either.

The “Blame” belongs with a Banking System that allows money to be created from nothing.  This is a two part problem.

  1. The Federal Reserve
  2. The Commercial and Investment Banks

The Federal Reserve Scam

The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 puts complete and total control of our (USA) money supply in the hands of Private Bankers.  Congress does NOT control the Money Supply  So when they United States “needs” (And I’ll use that term very loosely) they call upon the Federal Reserve to print more money.  However, and this is the part that most people clearly do not understand or are completely ignorant of… the printed money has an interest rate attached to it.  In order to get the Federal Reserve to print the money the United States has to Create Treasury Bills (This is debt… somebody has to pay this debt back or the system will collapse).  The profits go to the private bankers who do nothing more than print the currency.  It’s actually not printed at all (Only 3% of our currency is in paper or coin form).

Think about that… a group of Private Bankers simply prints money from nothing then keeps the profits from the interest on the money they just printed!  And they don’t really even print anything… all they do is make an entry on a Balance Sheet and the money is created electronically.  It’s a big scam on the people and serves the interests of nobody but the Ruling Elite – The private, secret Bankers!

Why do Americans continue to put up with a system that literally steals from them and gives to an Elite Group of Bankers for doing nothing?  Clearly the Federal Reserve System has got to be abolished.

The Commercial and Investment Banks Role in the “Problem”

Because the Federal Reserve allows for a system of banking that is backed by nothing and based on a limited reserve of actual cash Banks can also create money from nothing.  If you take $100 to the bank and deposit it an entry is made on their books showing the deposit.  However of your $100 the bank is only required to keep $10 in “Reserve”.  So they can loan out $90. The bank now has “Assets” on it’s books of $190! This process repeats over and over.

But the cash never really leaves the bank, again it’s just numbers on paper or in today’s world numbers on a computer screen.  So in effect the Banks can create their own money. This is money that did not exist before.  This is not profit earned through interest. This is Money out of Thin Air.

They have your $100 plus the $90 they can now loan out.

Learn More About How Banks Create Money from Nothing

The Real Value of the Dollar

Our Dollars Value is based on Perception not Realty
Our Dollars Value is based on Perception not Realty

The Banking System is the Problem

The Investment Banks

An “Investment Bank” is a financial institution that raises capital, manages mergers and acquisitions, and trades securities. Investment Banks profit from both Private Companies and Government. Poor regulation of Investment Banks and the Repeal of the Glass Steagall Act proposed by Senator Phil Gramm (Republican) and in the House of Representatives by Jim Leach (Republican) and signed into law by Democratic President Bill Clinton has allowed Commercial and Investment Banks to merge.

This merger has accelerated the disaster we are now experiencing because it gave Investment Banks access to the assets of Commercial Banks and accelerated the risk taking behaviors that reward instant profits at the expense of logical accounting principals. In short debt instruments were created, packaged, and resold based on upfront commissions not sound financial principals.

I bring up the issue of Republicans and Democrats to point out that Banking is NOT a single party issue. Both parties are to blame in the destruction of our Financial System as both parties are bought and sold by the Private Elite Banking class. The issue of Investment Banks is extremely complex and trying to understand the many intricacies of how credit swaps, derivatives, and other created financial instruments actually work is a true exercise in frustration. The point is Investment Bankers (This is “Wall Street”) has sold America Short. And they have done this BECAUSE THEY CAN!

Our Fractional Reserve Banking System creates these artificial markets and rewards the Investment Bankers for playing Russian Roulette with the Economy.

Home Foreclosures to Rise Even More

Nearly a year after the Obama administration unveiled its ambitious housing rescue program, foreclosure tallies continue to break records. Foreclosure filings were reported on more than 2.8 million properties in 2009, up 21 percent from the previous year and 120 percent from 2007, according to RealtyTrac. With nearly 10 percent of mortgages now delinquent--which is also a new record--even more homeowners appear headed for foreclosure this year. "A massive supply of delinquent loans continues to loom over the housing market," RealtyTrac CEO James J. Saccacio said in a statement. "Many of those delinquencies will end up in the foreclosure process in 2010 and beyond."

Now Obama did not create this problem. But he has also done nothing to fix the problem… Why? Because Obama can NOT fix the economy until he addresses the real issues. And the real issue is allowing our system of Banking to continue.

Our Economy is based on a monetary system that is nothing more than perceived value. Money has no real value. Why is a home “Worth” $500,000 one year and $125,000 the next? The cost of building a home has nothing to do with the “Value” of the home. The entire housing market is based on PERCEIVED VALUE.

The Banking System creates inflation and recession. The house is still intact, in place, regardless of value! The Assets “Value” is artificial. Because we have a monetary system in place that assigns value based on perception and backed by nothing.

Job Loss, War, Health Care… none of these issues can be resolved until the Banking System is completely redone. We can not exist in a climate of perpetual debt based on perceived value.

So Obama didn’t create the crisis, but he has also done nothing to fix the true problems facing our country – and until the Banking System is fixed our problems will never be solved.

So don’t Blame Obama for anything other than being yet another in a long line of bought and sold politicians. Yes he is making the problem worse by pushing forth their agenda, but he didn’t create the problem.

So if you want to “Fix” the country before it’s too late, look past party politics and support Politicians who will work to Abolish the Federal Reserve/Central Bank and strengthen the Constitution of the United States of America.

The New World Order is nothing more than Bankers Controlling the World and when they have complete control today’s problems will be nothing compared to what may be coming.

Quit throwing your money away by shopping at businesses like Walmart (80% Chinese Goods) the support Communism. When you shop at Walmart you are funding the enemy. Communism is NOT your friend. When you Bank at Bank of America who fights Bank Reform and outsources Jobs to India you support the destruction of the United States.

It’s hard to figure it all out, it’s hard to educate yourself to who is for or against the reconstruction of America. But in order to save our country you must!

You can Blame ALL politicians who refuse to take action to address the real problem which is our Failed Monetary System.


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