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Shifts in Migration?

Updated on February 25, 2011

Shifts in migration are an ongoing occurrence. These occurrences have been happening worldwide. Take the United State, people from all over the world have trekked and cross boundaries, some legal and others illegally in hopes of providing a better life. Individuals from underdeveloped countries or countries where unemployment runs rampant come because they want better for their families and so on.

 As a result of migration, there has been a significant effect on society. Due to migration, many cities have become overpopulated. Schools are overpopulated thus making it harder on the educational system. Many American citizens feel as though they are being pushed back in the job market. They often feel as though immigrants are getting the jobs. (Some say this is because they are getting paid less. Furthermore, current citizens often feel hatred and disrespect when they may feel that societies is favoring minorities over them. One thing that should be considered is that this isn’t an issue in every city in America. This usually involves the popular cities and states and the cities closest to international borders. Mexican and Hispanic immigrants often find themselves the targets of verbal and or physical attacks in some cities where societies feel they’re been favored. I live in El Paso Texas which is a border city to Juarez. We constantly hear about immigration in this city from employers hiring individuals that don’t speak English and employers telling American citizens that they need to speak Spanish to women running across the bridge right before their water breaks. If you ask me, something needs to be done about this and it doesn’t start at our borders, but perhaps at the centers of our governments.


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