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Updated on May 7, 2015
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Dear Pakistan,

Its been a cold and long journey since August 14,1947, when you were born out of the ash’s and turmoil of the British Raj. My forefathers help to carve you out of hate, inequality, and injustice, to make a land of peace, equality, and Justice. You were a shining beacon of light, you gave hope to millions of Muslims who had no hope, you were a promise of freedom and justice, you were a sweet reward after years of hard labor and political disenfranchisement. Pakistan was the light at the end of the tunnel for many Muslims, many people left everything they had to come to you so they can start over in a land that promised rivers of honey and milk yet those promises go unfulfilled for many, for many you have become a faint and distant memory like that of a youth now in his 70’s, you have become the land of inequality, and injustice! where did you go? why did you let us down? where are the rivers flowing with honey and milk? My forefathers use to tell me about the golden age of Pakistan and how it was the land of opportunity, a land united under the crescent moon and star not divided along ethnic/religious lines! Where is that Pakistan? why am I robbed of such a great Pakistan? I live in a Pakistan where I am not an equal, I live in a Pakistan where I am looked down upon as an untouchable! I don’t have a job, in order to get one I have to pay someone off or use sources and even then its not enough. I live in a Pakistan which gives great opportunities to those who already have everything they can ask for, but for me there is nothing!? I get nothing yet everyday I work hard. What happened to my Pakistan my forefathers help to create? In the Pakistan I live in it is a crime to be an upright citizen , I have no political rights nor do I have economic rights! what happened?

What happened to the promise of Freedom and Justice? Why am I not free to object and hold my leaders accountable? I am accused of being a traitor to you, I am accused of being hateful to you, I am accused of being a foreign agent! Why I ask you!? What did I do!? My ancestors helped to establish you, I love you Pakistan, but I can’t help but ask was it worth it? Where is my Quaid -E - Azam? Where is my Fatima Jinnah? Where are my leaders!? I look for Muhammad Ali Jinnah but find Nawaz Sharif , I look for Liaquat Ali Khan yet I find Zulfiqar Mirza, I look for Sir Syed Ahmed yet I find Asif Ali Zardari , where are my true leaders? Everyday its becoming increasingly difficult to become a Pakistani , in the world community it is becoming a crime to be a Pakistani especially in the West, They say either you can be a citizen of the world or Pakistan but not both, what am I to do? Where is my Great Pakistan? In this Pakistan suicide bombs have become a norm, killing hundreds of innocent people for a cause that inflicts more pain then it can bring peace is norm. In this Pakistan UAV Drones attack us for a cause which seeks to destroy a great evil, yet it gives life back to the very evil it created eons ago, how am I to live in a Pakistan surrounded by bloodshed and greed? How am I to live in a Pakistan that is surrounded by pain and suffering? How am I to live in a Pakistan where the leaders loot and plunder the people? How am I to live in a Pakistan where I am accused of being a traitor, a foreign agent!? Tell me PAKISTAN! Tell me why are things this way!? Why do I have to bear this great injustice!?!? Do I really deserve this?


Urdu Speaking Pakistani


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