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Ship Cemetery, Graveyards, Bone Yards, & Junk Yards, Warships & Submarine Images of Military Ship Cemeteries.

Updated on January 17, 2014
USS Iowa & Mothballed Fleet
USS Iowa & Mothballed Fleet

Ship Cemeteries or Graveyards, Mothballed Military Vessels with Images.

Trillions of dollars worth of battleships lay unused and mothballed in case they need to be called up for active duty. Stripped of their weaponry and sensitive technological hardware, the ship cemeteries are where most of these mighty vessels will end their days.

The military hulks have been sidelined due to either economic circumstances, age, or technological advances have made them obsolete.

British aircraft carrier 'Vengeance', was put up for sale on eBay. Offers reached $4 million very quickly, but the carrier disappeared from eBay, as it was deemed illegal for it to appear on their site. The seller was a legitimate ship broker whom said the ship built in 1944, could be used as a hotel or a tourist attraction. Military ship tours have become very popular after this happened.

The cost to run one of these colossal war ships, where moving only 12 inches in the water takes over 3 litres of fuel, is phenomenal.

Some of these mothballed warships may be sold or leased to foreign countries, but most will be scrapped and turned into tin cans, airplane parts, or refrigerators.

Free Link To: Military Vehicle Graveyards

Mothballed Fleets

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Bay of Nouadhibou
Bay of Nouadhibou
Aral Sea
Aral Sea

Global Ship Cemetaries

Ship graveyards or scrap yards can be found around the globe in many different countries. The Bay of Nouadhibou ( Western Africa ) has become the dump yard of the world. Many ships are deliberately ran aground and abandoned once they have reached the end of their lives.

There are over 300 rusting hulks in the bay where the government allowed ships to be left to rot. This has had a detrimental effect on the marine life in the area The bay itself would be a beautiful tourist attraction if the ships were not there.

Alang in Gujarat, India, is the worlds largest legal ship junkyard. Over 50% of the worlds shipping ends up here to be legally dismantled. Many ships are run aground then dismantled piece by piece.

Children can be seen sifting through the sands on the shore picking out small pieces of metal, nuts, and bolts from the sands. They then sell the scrap metal to make a little money for their families. These types of ship cemataries are an awesome site for any traveller.

The Aral Sea ship cemetery in the Eurasian country of Uzbekistan is a well known ship graveyard. Once a thriving fishing community, the area was left desolated after the former USSR government decided to turn the area into cotton plantations.

The sea level was reduced to give more land and the ships which were to old to move or not valuable, were left to rot as the sea retreated.

Considering the cost of raw materials around the world, the scrap metal value of ships have risen. But the labor costs involved in dismantling ships has also risen, offsetting any scrap value of the vessel.

Free link to: Aircraft Junkyard Images.

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Images of Submarine Graveyard

Submarine Graveyards
Submarine Graveyards

Submarine grave yards are not so plentiful as ship boneyards, but are well worth visiting.

Free Link To:

Sunken tanks, jeeps and planes. Cargo ships full of military machinery sent to the bottom of the sea. Sunken tanks, crashed aircraft, and other treasures from World War Two.

D-Day floating tanks sunk, taking their crew to a watery grave before the battle even started. Excellent images from beyond the grave.


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