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Shiv Sena - Bhem Sena - Ram Sena - Baj Rang Bal.

Updated on February 1, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Bombay to Mumbai.

The Tiger has gone but it has left 2 well grown up pubs.These grown up pubs make people wonder if they are like their father.

I lived in Mumbai when it was known all over the world as Bombay.My stay was just few years and during those days it was a city of love and city with splendor and some fun.To enjoy the comfort of a Air Conditioner I had to sit in a restaurant or a movie theater.Those days there were thugs and goons also.There operations were well controlled by the local police who were generally work conscious,humble and trust worthy like all Maharashtra men who loved peace and respected every other person with a smile on their face.Their true humble nature was exploited by the textile industry in particular as it was the major industry in the country.The textile industry employed any person with out any problem as it was a labor oriented industry.The textile industry had to employ not only textile pundits but other areas such as Mechanical,Electrical,Electronics and Civil Engineers but also Doctors and Accountants.This demand could not be met by only Maharashtrians as such people from other states also were employed and their number went up over a period of 25 years.The labor came from all districts of the state and they were all living in slums and chawls.Textile Labor was a force to reckon during the period.

Shivaji Sena is Shiv Sena.

The Greatest Indian ruler of ancient India was a in Maharashtra. It was King Shivaji who got his weapon from Goddess Bhavani he was forgotten by the people of Maharashtra and the man who made him come back was Beloved Bal Thakare the man who made the people of Bombay in Maharashtra look up and be proud that his ancisters were people who were protected by King Shivaji Maharaj.The proud Maharashatrians stood up and soon it was an army of young Maharastrians who called themselves as Shiv Sena which was a name that was around Bombay slowly emmerging as a power day by day.and soon it was they who called the shots in Bombay.They went on to change the name from Bombay to Mumbai.It was now no more Bombayits but Mumbaikars.The strong man Bal Thakare's own people in the family could not see eye to eye and did not like the same boat so they split and this weakened the strength of shiv sena to that extent.The only news that was in the media was when Bal Thakare wrote something controversial in the media on some maters that would make a difference to the common man or to the social sectors..

Next to Textile Industry was the Film Industry.

Bombay of the 50's and 60's was a Hindi dominated city with people of the Film Industry the largest in the country which was dominated by non Maharashtra men who produced only Hindi Films which was in huge demand all over the country.Maharashtra were playing second fiddle to these film world dominated by other states.Bal Thakare did not interfere in this industry since they respected him.The Textile Industry full of Maharashtra labor though were in majority were not controlled by Bal Thakare and it was by another Maharashtra Man Dr.Datta Samant.That being the case Bal Thakare did not interfere in the textile industry also.All his followers were thus the only people who were employed in the Hospitality Industry.and other engineering industries.Every hotel was a punjabi,parsi or south Indian udupi hotels in every nook and corner of Bombay. The Engineering Industry was either a huge sector or a small factory not in any organized sector if I can say so by my observation during that period.These were the men and many others in unorganized sectors in the early 50's and 60's that formed the major part of the Sena formation of different groups in other states.These social organizations were more of a political oriented than any real help to social causes like up lift ment of the very poor or to curb other such activities to many other non social activities such as child labor and child care of the very poor that is neglected by the society.The leaders of such parties lived comfortably very well with out any appreciable high income from their work or any business.The leaders had high ambitions to help the people who needed their help but it turned out to be very different.

Slums of Bombay.

My work in Bombay centered at Worli with India's largest textile mill and Asia's first being located in Worli.I was walking past the Chals daily and was wondering if humans can live like those in the Chals of Bombay.These Chals were ofcourse better than Slums of Dhar or other places.Most of these people who livied in these slums were laborers of all the establishments in Bombay.They were part of Bombay but were not Bombayits.Who lived there was a big question and no one bothered about them.It was said that it was a strore house of all sorts.I was afraid to go there since I could not speak Hindi or Marati.I would not go even if I knew the language.I would turn the other way if I went past these slums by Bus.The place was also full of anti social elements who could do anything just for few Rupees of money in one's pocket.I do not know from where these men came but I was told that they were all from north east states where the youth had no jobs or no jobs becouse there were not industries to give them jobs.The type of jobs they did were a good example for new men who came to Bombay and they were relatives or friends of these men involved in all activities of all types.


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