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Shock statistics for Nicola Sturgeon!

Updated on April 26, 2017
Scottish Conservative leader:  Ruth Davidson
Scottish Conservative leader: Ruth Davidson | Source
Scottish National Party leader and First Minister of Scotland:  Nicola Sturgeon
Scottish National Party leader and First Minister of Scotland: Nicola Sturgeon | Source
Scottish National Party leader at Westminister and whose seat could be under threat from the Conservatives:  Angus Robertson
Scottish National Party leader at Westminister and whose seat could be under threat from the Conservatives: Angus Robertson | Source

Nicola Sturgeon it seems has had a busy year so far calling for another Scottish election which was voted through in the Scottish Parliament but as yet as far as I know has to be rubber stamped and approved by the UK Parliament at Westminster. We all know she has sour grapes about Scotland being dragged kicking and screaming out of the EU despite the fact many Scots voted to remain in the EU but because England and Wales mostly voted to leave that has put Scotland as part of the UK going through the Brexit door of the EU with England, Wales, Northern Ireland.

We all remember Nicola Sturgeon running to the EU nations after the Brexit vote saying Scotland wanted to stay in the EU but they were having none of it and said it was an internal matter for the UK government under whose writ she comes under. Theresa May promised her so she says a way for Scotland to be still be in the EU and part of the UK as a kind of plan b as it were but nothing came out of it.

It seems now the Scottish Independence issue has been put on the back burner as the UK as a whole faces up to another general election. It also seems according to May and Sturgeon herself that any Scottish vote will have to wait until Brexit is finalised in 2019. If Nicola Sturgeon was hoping to make political capital out of the UK general election she may be in for a shock if polls for Scotland are to be believed.

There maybe a Scottish Conservative breakthrough the likes of which will have not been seen since the day of Conservative leader Edward 'Ted' Heath' in the early 70's. The Scottish Conservatives according to a poll are well up on their polling for the 2015 general election giving them a 33% increase in popularity it seems.

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson has told her fellow Tories to be calm and not take this breakthrough for granted but to work hard and work harder still for this result to come about. Certainly if these poll is to be believed it would give the Scottish Tories an increase in their MSP's (Members of the Scottish Parliament) taking seats from the Lib-Dems and Labour.

Under threat from the Scottish Tories could be Angus Robertson who leads the SNP MP's at Westminster with his Moray seat up for grabs.

Conservatives north of the border were almost an extinct species due to incredible unpopularity in the Thatcher years and after. They have at present only one Scottish MSP but this could dramatically change in this years snap election.

Brief bio of Ruth Davidson

Hoping to drive more MSP's into the Scottish Parliament:  Ruth Davidson
Hoping to drive more MSP's into the Scottish Parliament: Ruth Davidson | Source

1) Born Elizabeth Davidson on 10 November 1978

2) She is leader of the second biggest party in the Scottish Parliament

3) The first being the SNP and then hers the Conservative Party

4) Was elected leader of the Scottish Conservatives on 4 November 2010

5) Took over from Annabel Goldie who resigned the leadership

6) Deputy is Jackson Carlaw one of the candidates she stood against in Scottish Conservative leader election

7) Went to Buckhaven High School

8) Went to Univeristy of Edinburgh to study English Lit

9) Has worked as a journalist, radio presenter, Sunday school teacher and now MSP

10) Has a same sex partner Jen Wilson

11) She is a member of the Church of Scotland

12) She likes to go dog walking, hill walking and kickboxing

13) Was the first Scottish MSP to appear on BBC1's 'Have I Got News For You'

14) Has appeared on BBC1's political show 'Question Time' as a panelist

15) Was a member of the Territorial Army


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