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12 Shockingly Strange Facts about ISIS

Updated on July 20, 2016

ISIS flag

Unless you live under a sad little rock, you’ve probably heard of ISIS (a.k.a. ISIL, the Islamic State, or Daesh). Known for their shocking brutality and slick propaganda, ISIS is perhaps the most powerful terrorist group ever.

But what you may not know is that they is a rather strange bunch of psychos. From pigeons and kidneys to chickens and methamphetamine, here are twelve unusual facts about ISIS.

1. Math for martyrs

ISIS has taken over schools in its territory, hoping to turn a generation of children into mature, successful terrorists. In its efforts, ISIS has radically altered the curriculum, placing emphasis on Islamic teachings while neglecting less important subjects like science and math. They have even gone so far as to ban the plus sign, seeing it as a symbol for Christianity.

2. Chickens and eggs

Amid extensive destruction to its oil infrastructure and cash reserves by coalition airstrikes, ISIS is in dire need of some cash. Desperate to fill up its coffers, the group has resorted to some strange and surprising methods of generating revenue. Apparently this even includes selling chickens and eggs. According to residents within ISIS territory, militants can be seen on the side of the roads in their black uniforms with their faces covered, selling the feathery animals to locals looking for a nice chicken dinner.

3. Straight outta Hollywood

One of the keys to ISIS’s success has been its effective use of violent propaganda videos. But not all is as it appears. ISIS reportedly uses tactics straight out of Hollywood to create fake battle scenes, which even involve the use of fake blood. Its propagandists use Vimto, a fruity soft drink with a dark purple-ish tinge, to create fake blood for its videos.

4. Bombs for bedtime

In ISIS territory, no one is spared from the reach of its bloody propaganda – not even young children. Seeking to indoctrinate the youth living under its reign, ISIS has given mothers books telling how to raise their children to become jihadists. This even entails telling bedtime stories about martyrdom.

5. Jihad junkies

Due to ISIS’s strict interpretation of Islam, drug use is highly forbidden. Those caught with illegal substances are often given harsh punishments. Even smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol can get you dozens of lashes or your fingers cut off. There is, however, one totally acceptable drug that ISIS doesn’t seem to mind: a powerful amphetamine known as Captagon. The militants commonly use the substance, which keeps them up for days, to aid their war efforts. Captagon gives the user feelings of euphoria, numbing them from pain and eliminating fear, turning ISIS fighters into superhuman terrorists.

ISIS fighters fueled by powerful amphetamine.

6. Organ harvesting

You may have thought waking up in bathtub full of ice with a big scar on your abdomen was the stuff of horror movies. But in ISIS territory, it is more than mere myth. Document recovered from a raid on an ISIS facility reveal that the group has permitted harvesting the organs of living “apostates” and giving them to Muslims. Surgeons have reportedly removed kidneys, corneas, and other organs from slaves and captives of ISIS.

7. Leapfrogging and nut-kicking

When you think of training camp, you might imagine pushups, an obstacle course, and a loud drill sergeant reminding you what a worthless piece of crap you are. But ISIS takes a more unorthodox approach. Strange footage from an ISIS training camp shows terrorist newbies playing leapfrog, making a human pyramid and getting kicked in the nuts by their instructor.

ISIS fighters leapfrogging and kicking each other in the testies.

8. Jihadi help desk

You know that frustrating moment when you try to become an ISIS terrorist but you can’t figure out how to communicate with other terrorists without getting caught by the government? If this describes you, then you’re in luck. ISIS has opened a 24-hour Help Desk to assist aspiring jihadists with using encryption and other secure communications.

9. Five-star terrorist hotel

Looking for a good deal on a luxury hotel room? Then join ISIS. The group recently renovated the five-star Ninawa International Hotel in Mosul, Iraq, opening the facility to its fighters. The hotel includes swimming pools, a tennis court and 262 rooms. It’s the perfect place to sit back and relax after a long day of jihad.

ISIS reopens five-star hotel.

10. ISIS app

Known for its sophisticated propaganda machine, ISIS is arguably the most tech-savvy terrorist organization in history. So much so, in fact, that it has built its own Android app for sending secure communications. ISIS has also created another app made specifically for children. The app teaches kids to speak Arabic, and includes words such as “gun,” “tank,” and “ammunition.” I’m sure their intentions are purely educational.

11. Ban on pigeon breeding

ISIS has made it illegal to breed pigeons, a popular practice in areas it controls. The group fears that breeding the birds, which requires women to go on rooftops, will distract nearby residents. The militants are also concerned that breeders typically feed their animals at the same time that Muslims are supposed to hold one of their daily prayers.

12. Fake doctor notes

Thousands of people from around the world have traveled to Iraq and Syria to fight with ISIS. Shockingly, though, some of those individuals have realized that waging jihad is not all it’s cracked up to be. Many ISIS fighters have attempted to get out of combat, going so far as trying to obtain fake doctors notes to avoid fighting.

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      Mary Varghese 19 months ago from India

      Scary stuff!!!!