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Shooting at The Fort Lauderdale Airport Reminds Me of the 90s in Bosnia and Other War-Torn Areas

Updated on January 6, 2017

The shooter had apparently legally checked a firearm into his luggage on his way from Alaska. On arrival at the Fort Lauderdale International airport on a Delta Flight, he retrieved the weapon from his luggage and started firing at random people, according to an eye witness.

He is said to have fired at people who were already down on the groud, taking aim at there heads.One passenger stated that he was saved by the laptop in his backpack, which stopped the bullet from hitting him.

Airport Shooting is a Sad Reminder

In years gone by, occurences such as these, seemed very unlikely to occur in any country or region in the area that I lived. Listening to the nightly news in the 1990s, I would always breathe a sigh-of-relief, when I would hear of shootings and bombings that resulted in civilian fatalities in war-torn areas such as Bosnia and Croatia. While being saddened by such acts, I was happy to know that they were being perfomed in a land far, far away from where I lived and or travelled regularly, and presumed, I was out of harms way, as far as these acts goes.

Today, January 6, 2017, there is a shooting of random people, 51 miles away from where I reside, and in the very same airport that I travelled through just 9 days ago.

This is way "too close to home." Right in my backyard, so to speak.

This is also a little over six months after the Orlando nightclub shooting which killed 49 and injured 53. This happened 170 miles away, still pretty close to me.

No fear is Unfounded, No Safe Haven From Mass Shootings

Today we live in a world where no fear is unfound. Mass Killinga are now very likely in every area where we once thought was save, Schools, Churches Airport interiors Guarded gatherings. Wherever people gather can now be presumed to be a target area for these evil acts. Despite this fact, we should not cower in fear. Rather, we should go about our lives being more observant of the happenings in our surroundings,reporting suspicious activities and taking all hints of terorism seriously.

Passengers On The Tarmac After The Shooting


Suspect had Run -In with the FBI

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Last update

According to CNN, there are 5 people confirmed dead and 8 injured, some in critical condition. It is uncertain if the ID that he carried belongs to him. It is alleged that the shooter was involved in an altercation on board the flight, yet he did not appear to target any specific passenger whil shooting. He had followed all legal procedures for taking the firearm on board.

My heart goes out to the family of the victims. And I am hoping that the injured will pull through without anymore fatalities.


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