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Shooting the Messenger

Updated on August 18, 2013

Killing of Journalists

Media is voice of people and journalists are mirror of society they reflects what they seen. But unfortunately media and journalists are facing bad to worse these days even in most modern countries of world. Tough and draconian laws, media sensor ship and militants and mafia groups are making things bad to worse for journalists community.

Every one want truth but very hard to bring and search truth in theses type of circumstances. According to committee of protecting journalists more than seventy three journalists lost their lives last year while performing their duties in different countries. Now different war zones, corrupt and dictator governments have become big test for media and journalist community.

Tough Battle Fields

Journalists are paying high price to exposing the truth in front of modern world. More than forty journalist lost their lives during their performing dangerous assignment around the world. From forests of Colombia to mountains of Afghanistan we are getting every news thanks to journalists who are working on most tough assignments. Countries like Syria, DRC Konogo Somalia and Pakistan are still tough task for journalists.

After media revolution and introduction of thousands of new satellite channels around the world, competition is raising between different news channels every one want more interesting, thrilling and breaking news to inspires its audience unfortunately this negative thinking is crating negative impact on journalism.

Although some journalists are tried to make money from their profession by using their means and influence in government and other departments but most of journalist are honest and they tried their best to provide true information from every sides. These journalist are widely respectable for every walk of life.

Growing war conflict, militants groups, mafia groups, corrupt government and dictators have big threats for people who want to cover their activities and present to modern world. Only day ago three journalist including one twenty six years old women Gulf News reporter and US base sky news camera man lost their lives in Egypt while covering their assignment in most tense and harsh environment.

Syria, Iraq, Mexico , Pakistan and Somalia is still consider most dangerous countries for journalists. According to committee of protect journalist seventy two journalists lost their lives in last year most of them in Syria, Mexico and Somalia. In countries like Pakistan and Somalia journalists have caught between battle of government and militant groups every one want to parents events according to his benefits and point of view.

In countries like Mexico drug mafia groups has big threat for journalists and several journalists lost their lives while covering their illegal activities. In countries like Pakistan and Somalia journalist are working without any protection and most of them are working in very far and remote areas where government security agencies are not allowed and most of them are easy target for militants groups who want to present their own view in media.

In Pakistan recently militants groups issued their guide line for media and journalists personalities and warned them against serious consequences if they not follow their guidelines. Several journalist lost their lives after start of Afghanistan war ten years ago some of them picked up by government secret agencies and released after torture and life threats.

After independent media revolution in several countries and raising affects of media in normal people life several governments are trying hard to restrict media and journalists. Several governments have issued tough laws to restrict journalist and correct information. Now in several African and Asian countries media censorship is very high and journalists are find it hard to report true events. Several Journalists are still detained specially in war affected countries.

Mostly in third world countries several journalist are forced to present government point of view in media and they are prime target of government secret agencies. Several prisoners of consistence are detained due to their true stories about corruption of their rulers. In countries like Syria forces are deliberately targeting journalist because they don't want correct reporting of war events. Horrible pictures of war are coming Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan and world community is know what is actually happening in these countries.

Despite increasing threats to journalist these days even big publishing groups and news channels are doing very little for their safety. Most of journalist are working in dangerous war zones with very rare protection of life. Now killings and detentions of journalists are becoming routine these days and journalists organizations are trying hard to raise this issue in different forums.

Most Dangreous Countries for Journalist

  • Syria
  • Iraq
  • Mexico
  • Pakistan
  • Somalia

Targeting Journalists

Sky News Cameraman killed in Egypt


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