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Shootings by police in Hanoi: Custody of an object

Updated on April 5, 2016

Police involved in the Truc Bach Ward (Ba Dinh) used to fire rubber bullets fired into the air to disperse the crowd Chau Long Street, police agencies detained an object to clarify an intentional act injury.
5/4 day, police detained Ba Dinh Le Hoang Duong (SN 1994, residing in Ba Dinh district, Hanoi) to clarify the act of intentionally causing injury.
People gather in the street Chau Long witnessed the incident. (Photo cut from the clip)
People gather in the street Chau Long witnessed the incident. (Photo cut from the clip)
Earlier, as reported Reuters, 4/4 pm, Truc Bach Ward Police fired guns into the air 3 to disperse the crowd on the street Chau Long after repeated unsuccessful requests to disband. Information from police agencies, youth groups on Bun geese flock to Chau Long Street for conflict resolution. When police shootings market supremacy, the group ran away. Due to the force thin, only 3 staff, CAP Truc Bach did not hold any object.
The process of restoring order in the province, to verify the incident, police in Ba Dinh initially clear, the conflict stems from the debt collectors. Accordingly, the morning of 4/4, Nguyen Xuan Tien (born in 1994, resident in Thanh Tri, Hanoi) to the sister Nguyen Thi Hien (born in 1975, resident of Chau Long Street) to recover the debt but is not. Conflicts occur, threatened and slapped Tien Hien.
On the same day, Dr. coming back home ngan Bun Hien Chau Long Street, it was Le Hoang Duong, Hien son, slashing at people, emergency hospitalization. Not long after, a group of young people holding weapons of Hien pulled to cause, damage smashed the door of the family section.
Receive information, Truc Bach Ward Police dispatched working teams including 3 officers to the scene to disperse the crowd. After repeated requests to use speakers this young group disbanded but unsuccessful, a CAP officer Truc Bach had used to fire rubber bullets into the air to shoot 3 play market supremacy, making youths ran away.
The incident is still being clarified.


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