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POTUS: Shop Steward or CEO

Updated on November 13, 2011


"I care not what others think of what I do,

but I care very much about what I think of what I do!

That is character!"

Teddy Roosevelt


To wish to glimpse a century forward
to find what shall come to pass…
is almost too much to ask.

Americans find themselves in quite
a precarious situation with
their calendar reminding them
it’s September once more.

The recent tumultuous times gives all those
due cause for concern for what lies ahead.

The question begs to be asked;
will the next leader be progressive
or simply an out of control "Maverick"?

A balance must be reached between business
and the American consumer which
provides both a square deal.

The realization of future ramifications with respect
to "trust" big business with the ultimate
control and destiny of the economy is daunting.

Capitalism is king to the point of corruption.

It remains to be seen whether our nation
will stabilize the rights of the worker

re: fair wages and safety in the workplace 

will profits continue to dictate the bottom line.

It remains to be seen if citizens will be provided
Universal Health Care and National Health Insurance.

It remains to be seen whether our nation can

efficiently utilize the resources we possess

for prosperity through the ages.

The precarious sitation does not speak to citizens
of the US of A’s choice of voting the
Republican or Democratic ticket.

Clearly, the calendar reads September
as it has many times before.

When it comes to tumult,
show me another nation that responds more fervently.

Change is the only constant;
it is to be anticipated, and insufferably arduous.

Americans are extremely resourceful and savvy
when a business deal is to be struck.

With respect to big business trust issues,
one should “speak softly, but carry a big stick.”

For you see, in this particular period of time,
the magnitude of the problems of the day
seem quite overwhelming.

The questions and uncertainty facing a nation are cyclical and similar in nature even though a century apart.

So goes the story
of President McKinley’s
Vice President Teddy Roosevelt.

It was a time when Roughriders and the nation
looked to the calendar to find
September, the year 1901.

The youngest President at age 42 years
had assumed the office
under less than venerable circumstances.

Therefore, although we do not possess
the where with all to look ahead
to the upcoming century,
we should heed the lessons of our forefathers.

Wisdom should serve to remind us quite simply this:

The more things change, the more they remain the same.

If you find yourself wondering whether we need a
Shop steward or a CEO of the USA,
keep in mind there’s room on
Mount Rushmore for whoever
figures out how to be both.

The only caveat being he or she
not have a big head.



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