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Should Freedom of Speech Ever be Restricted? Mass Communications

Updated on March 5, 2018

Freedom of speech should never be restricted, it is inhumane to not allow everyone who makes up a society, have a say in society. In some countries, societies are run by a dictator. In a dictatorship form of government, there is typically one ruler who has absolute power over a country and usually gets it by force.

For example, Adolf Hitler. He was a tyrant who rose to power and disarmed German military to make sure there was no resistance against his movement. During his rule, he ripped Jewish citizens from their homes and slowly killed them off in concentration camps.

Among the survivors during his rule were Germans. Many of them knew what the Nazi's were doing was wrong so to help save the lives of many families, they hid Jewish families in their homes. Both Germans and Jews among many other races who were citizens of Germany, had very little say. Hitler did what pleased him, and those who went against him to house Jews or speak out against him were killed or sent to the camps.

This form of government was wrong for many reasons. Primarily, it was wrong because if the people of that time had a say, and they're opinion made a difference, it could have saved the lives of millions. Freedom of speech helps prevent and bring a voice to wrongdoing, and unjust actions. It is important to be able to voice ones opinion.

It is also important to find like minded individuals when starting a movement, and freedom of speech helps do that. Many of the greatest events and victories in history were successful because of freedom of speech. People standing up for what they believe in and voicing their opinion to others is what makes a society run.

Read More about Hitler Restricting Freedom and the sources I used:

Concentration Camp


Everyone Should Have a Say

“Freedom of expression is the matrix, the indispensable condition, of nearly every other form of freedom.”

—U.S. Supreme Court Justice Benjamin N. Cardozo in Palko v. Connecticut

You Have the Right to .....

  • Freedom of Speech
  • Freedom of Assembly
  • Freedom of Worship
  • Freedom of Expression

Keep in Mind ....

You do have a right to say how you feel on certain topics but you should never include :

-Obscene material



-True threats

Within any written or spoken speech.

Every human has four endowments - self awareness, conscience, independent will and creative imagination. These give us the ultimate human freedom... The power to choose, to respond, to change.

-Stephen Covey

Freedom Of Speech Across the Globe

In the US especially, people are more supportive of free expression. Making it easier to say how you think and feel.
In the US especially, people are more supportive of free expression. Making it easier to say how you think and feel. | Source

In Conclusion ....

Freedom of speech is fundamental. It's fundamental in running a society, maintaining a relationship, and for business, among other things. No one person, should have the right to speak for everyone.

No two minds are the same, and not everyone in the world is going to agree with one another, all the time. That's why you should always remind yourself to ask why about everything, and if you can't find out why, go out in search for it. If something that is unjust is being said, you should be able to say why you think its unjust to whomever you need to.

Without freedom of speech there would be no opinion. Opinion is what separates one individual from another. If we weren't free to express how we thought and felt, we'd simply be someone's vegetables, not using any of our own brain power.

I hope you enjoyed reading my hub-pages. Feedback is appreciated.

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Freedom of Speech

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Freedom of Speech

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