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Should GITMO be closed?

Updated on June 1, 2015

The subject of closing GITMO or not is again in the news but this time it seems to be centered on political philosophy. Let us get a better understanding of the purpose of this entity. It is a detention facility the purpose of which is to interrogate and prosecute detainees for war crimes. There are a number of individuals located at this facility in Cuba who have been taken prisoner through military action in several locations around the world including Iraq and Afghanistan. Let us make no mistake the individuals who are still at this facility are considered a threat to the security of our country.

Some individuals are focusing on the costs of operating this facility but the real focus should be protecting the security of our country and perhaps in some respects the world. In evaluating the costs of maintaining this facility we need to look at the costs and damage to our economy when we were ruthlessly attacked on 9/11 and attacks since then. Individuals who have been released for various reasons have found their way back to terrorist’s organizations and are again a threat to individuals around the world. In reference to prosecuting individuals at this facility these prisoners fall under the U.S. Code of Military Justice not the normal justice system.

We are a country of laws with rights engrained in the Constitution. These rights are not applicable for what has been labeled as prisoners of war. Prisoners of war fall under a different process for prosecuting war crimes related to the individuals currently at GITMO. In the past some individuals have been released back to their home country and without these countries keeping track of their activities they found their way back to being a part of terrorists activity. It is not the type of war where you have a defined enemy it is a war of religious ideology. This ideology is bent on imposing their beliefs on the rest of the world. Individuals facing this activity face either death or choosing life by submitting to the ideology.

The battle we and the world now find us should not be taken lightly and keeping GITMO open is only one aspect of limiting terrorist activity. Releasing individuals from this facility has proven to be a mistake as those released have once again assumed a level of leadership they had in the past. While we must provide access to food and health resources it appears we are treating these individuals better than those who are fighting this battle of religious ideology. The amenities reported are better than those in prisons across the country are provided. This is wrong. Individuals in any prison environment should not be treated as if they are royalty. Proper food and health resources are appropriate but more than that is wrong.

Information being received through this facility from all reports has provided some measure to address planned terrorist attacks either in our country or other parts of the world. Some may ask what kind of information is being provided but this is one measure of government action/activity which should not be made public. Certain activities of the federal and local governments working together should never be made public else it may signal our methods to our enemies. We should never telegraph what we are doing or will do with specific timetables as has been done in the past. We should keep our enemies guessing on what we might do to combat their violent activities while protecting American citizens across the world. We may never truly know the benefits of having a facility like GITMO but I would hate to find out if it were to close. Government organizations must do everything it can within the law to ensure the safety and security of our country and our citizens. If this means keeping GITMO open then keep it open.


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