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Are avid trial watchers a bit crazy themselves? Jodi Arias-Casey Anthoney obsessed.

Updated on February 20, 2015


I have been spending my days completely immersed in every juicy detail of the Jodi Arias trial taking place in Phoenix Arizona. I have company, by no means am I alone in my search for every salacious detail about this modern day bunny boiler and her handsome victim Travis Alexander. I was just as captivated by the Casey Anthony case, and when she was ultimately found not guilty, it felt like I myself had been personally wronged, I wanted to see her spend her last day behind bars.All of this time and attention I have put into watching these cases and all the media coverage given to them has brought me to question the status of my own priorities and our 2013 need to have access to anything we want, including the ability to root for or against people on trial. There are TVs in the courtrooms, court TV commentators, this particular murderer Jodi Arias is for the first time in her life I would assume, being viewed as something other than a sex object and more of a participant in the ultimate fight of her life and the only thing missing is blood.Why are we so obsessed with these trials? Why do we make these killers into celebrities? What is flawed in us as a society that we salivate at the thought of revenge?

Well the answer is pretty simple...Nothing is wrong with us, since the Roman Empire and probably even before that people have gathered to watch gladiator fights, public hangings, public decapitations, burnings at the stake. Knowing the history of the human obsession with death and revenge unfortunately does not make me feel absolved of my part in this blood lust for justice and inadvertent holding of cold blooded killers as celebrities that are instead of worshipped but morbidly exploited in hopes of watching her eventually die. This brings me to another point, is it fair that Jodi Arias has had 2 weeks on the stand to abuse and degrade the memory of the man she already victimized? Does his family appreciate that his most private moments have now become part of his life's story for the world to know? Was Jodi taking the stand as her one last narcissistic chance to have the spotlight squarely fixed on her? I can't help but feel the media has given her the freedom to re victimize Travis and now also his family. These high profile trials have all the makings of a modern day battle between good and evil, two sides pitted against each other, someones eternal soul is on the line (if you believe in that kinda stuff), I wouldn't be surprised if somewhere in Vegas you can bet on the outcome. Does anyone else out there feel guilty for par-taking in this courtroom side show?

© 2014 Karen Ranoni


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