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Should Joe Biden Debate Trump?

Updated on August 1, 2020

As if this 2020 presidential campaign cannot any stranger, with Trump already declaring that the results will be fraudulent due to non-existent voter mail-in fraud, Joe Biden has hinted that there is no requirement that he actually debate Trump!

Okay, while that is 100% true and there are some good reasons not to, most Americans think that he must debate Trump, at least once. But, think of the fuel to Trump's fire regarding his claims that Biden is missing a step in mental acuity. There are plenty of gaffes, for sure, and some indications his age of 78 is slowing him down. This decision to not debate Trump would be a tsunami of sorts for all sorts of reasons.

Biden's aides state that there is no reason to debate a liar, a person who spins any fact because it will just be a TV show and not a real debate on the issues. It will just give Trump a platform in front of millions to spin his stupid conspiracy theories to those gullible American voters with twisted facts. The mere mention that the election will already be fraudulent tells you what Trump will do should he lose the election by any margin, let a lone, a nail biter. He has already said it could be weeks or months after the election to sort of the mailed in ballots etc. He is prepping everyone for a messy end to this election.

The debates could backfire for Trump, should Biden be in top shape with valid answers to the questions posed. Trump will never answer the question directly without bragging about how he has done wonderful things for America. It is just his form of propaganda. On the other hand, Biden, should he not be in top form and start to gaffe and cite erroneous facts as he has done when rattled, will seem to prove Trump's contention about Biden's mental abilities. It could swing some voters if enough doubt exists in the viewers.

It IS odd that the Biden refuses to be interviewed by Chris Wallace of FOX. The question for me is why? What is Biden or his staff afraid might happen? Bad answers to pointed questions asked of Trump or gaffes or just being unable to give a good answer? It speaks volumes about what really is going on with Biden. Biden has been very limited in his public speaking events and relies on media instead. Of course, the covid-19 is given as the reason, but just wear a mask and keep your distance then. There is no reason not to be more in the public eye and reporters asking questions now.

Perhaps the Biden campaign is remaining silent because they feel Trump is his own worst enemy, maybe, but Biden has to do some work for votes other than running against a man over 60% of Americans dislike. Biden should hold press conferences, but he hides. He should not rely on just TV spots, but he does. He should debate Trump, and if he does not, a great amount of suspicion will enter the voters mind and will the VP actually be running the country?

Voter perception is important. If enough voters start to believe Trump about Biden's mental abilities and then fueled by refusing to debate or not holding press conferences, for me, it is a red flag that something really is not right with Biden. It may not be enough to change my vote for him, but stranger things have happened.


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