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Should Marijuana be legalize?

Updated on June 10, 2012

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Is marijuana more addictive than cigarettes?

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Are we being trick by our own government?

Should Marijuana be Legal?

In 1996 California became the first state to legalize Marijuana, under the State’s Compassionate Act. However, the (DEA) maintained the THC would remain a Schedule I drug, and reclassified Marinol a synthetic equivalent as a Schedule III drug. Marinol was acknowledge as having an important medical use. Two people, who suffered from brain cancer and chronic back pain, respectively insisted that the use of marijuana had helped them relieve their chronic pain in ways the traditional medicines could not do. They took their issues to the court and won. December of 2003 the US 9th Circuit Court decided Ashcroft v. Raich in favor of the plaintiff. The first hurdle was pass, so what is the next step.

Is marijuana Harmful?

A study found that an abuser’s risk of heart attacks, more than quadruples in the first hour after smoking marijuana. (So does smoking a pack of cigarettes.) Studies have shown that marijuana smoke contains 50% to 70% more carcinogenic hydrocarbons than tobacco smoke. Marijuana affects the lungs and respiratory system. Researchers also claim that marijuana use has the potential to cause problems dealing with everyday life. Such as cognitive skills, mental health, social life, and career status. Several studies associate workers’ marijuana smoking with increase absence, tardiness, accidents, workers’ compensation, and job turnover. Well according to the Medical Doctor’s Association (MDA), also states that medical drugs period have side effects and can be very harmful, and could cause the same type of problems as marijuana use. Therefore, it is fair to say that too much of anything could be harmful.

How long has marijuana been use?

Marijuana has been around ever since 1000 BC, and was use a fiber source and as a source of medicine. Then 500 ad it was then use as a mind-altering drug and was solely confined in India. When the drug reached the Middle and Near East during the next several centuries, and then move across North Africa, and through the Atlantic when it finally reach the States. Europe introduces it into its medicine catalog shortly after Napoleon invasion of Eygpt, and had a minor vogue as an intoxicant for a time in France. Cannabis sativa has been used therapeutically from the earliest records, nearly 5000 years ago, to the present day, and has been widely noted by several doctors of the world.

What is the benefit in the legalization of marijuana?

The beneficial part of legalizing marijuana is that you give people a choice to smoke or not, and not make it so taboo. I do not see the difference in the use of tobacco or alcohol use. The same aspects should apply, as well, to marijuana users. In 2009, the statistics 33,808 people were killed, in traffic accidents and 10,839 of these deaths was cause by alcohol (32% of all traffic deaths). Also in 2009, 1.4 million people were arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. This is startling information, but not surprising. I have searched and asked about marijuana deaths. To my amazement, not one reported statistic on that matter. It is safe to say that marijuana is only dangerous if you smoke too much, and the only effect you will have is getting cancer, and not saying that is not bad, but cancer comes in all sort of ways. Even, if you eat healthy and exercise. There will be no more drug related issues to legalize marijuana because people will be allowed to grow and cultivate their own. I feel as being a citizen of the US and, with the Constitution as our guide to being a civilize world that we as people should be respected. It is a plant that God create and has been around for centuries. No related deaths per se, as of it uses. It is known for its medicinal use and that is what it is, "Medicine" nothing more or nothing less.


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    • profile image

      geordmc 6 years ago from Beliot, Wisconsin

      Marijuana can and should be ingested as cookies or brownies that way there are NO tars or increased risk of heart attack. Edibles are the best way to use weed as the high is stronger and lasts longer than smoking. Also, vaporizing is a good way to use without tars as well. People seem to focus their attention only with smoking, foolish to keep seeing things that way. Legalizing marijuana would be great for those who use it for a buzz, but better for economic reasons that go far beyond the getting high reason. This plant could change the way we look at food, clothes, paper, fuel(for vehicles), plastics....

      I could go on and on about products that could be manufactured and taxed. Not just for ingestion anymore is it?