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Should Saudi women be allowed to drive?

Updated on November 5, 2013

Saudi women are not currently allowed to drive by their government. They also are not allowed to bear their heads, faces, wear pants, walk on the street when and where they want to and marry who they choose. These women have little to no education and seldom work. They are completely reliant on men to provide for them and are subservient to their men.

Now some of these brave women are beginning to rebel. I guess they have had enough of this nonsense. I mean Democracy is spreading its wings to the rest of the world and there is no turning back. I strongly believe that in the next fifty years or so women will rule the world as they always should have. These crazy controlling selfish men will not stand a chance.

So of-course I think women should have the right to drive and do anything else they want. After all they are the ones that give birth to men only to have those same men abuse them. How ironic. I think if all of these women stopped tolerating this abuse all at once and stopped living in fear this whole dictatorship of men would quickly come to and end. This continues to happen because these women tolerate it. Maybe it is easier for them to just keep quiet, be nice, cover their heads and true feelings with a veil, and just sit at home eating fatty carb loaded dishes without having to really work for them.

I mean surely in the United States women pay a heavy price for freedom. Men here expect women to work and equally contribute to the household. Here men look down on women who just sit at home and do nothing. Those women are called gold diggers. These women have no personal goals other than to marry and keep a wealthy man that would support them for the rest of their lives.

In the United States many career oriented women choose to have children later in life or not at all. They are concerned about their career goals and also prefer not to give up their independence. The problem is that if and when such a woman decides to have children it may be too late or unsafe to do so. She may be too old or too sick. Sometimes just too crazy and all alone with like fifty cats.

Well, the Muslim culture is very extreme anyhow. I hope that as society develops these harsh Muslim traditions will dissipate and women will be able to live freely. Until that time, all I can say is that I feel very bad for the women that are currently being treated like someone's personal slaves. I hope God is with them and I hope that they still find some way to be happy in these extreme circumstances.


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