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Should The United States Help Combat ISIS?

Updated on February 23, 2015
ISIS Justice
ISIS Justice

The Answer is yes but with stipulations

I have read over the weeks how different Middle Eastern countries are criticizing the United States for not leading the assault against ISIS. There is a nuisance though that the immediate threat by ISIS is against these same Middle Eastern Countries criticizing the United States. Basically this is a war against Muslim governments and other Muslim groups. For the moment, attacking the West is secondary. At least until they consolidate power in the Middle East. These governments in the Middle East have tried to ride the fence by funding these terrorist groups while trying to appease them. Now on the other side of the fence they have been busy telling the West they are combating these same groups they are funding. Now it seems that the hand that feeds is being turned upon and attacked. This situation is ironic in so many ways.

My first thought of course, is yes we need to help these people. My thought process was based on how the world turned a blind eye to what happened to the Jews in WW II. The same people that these Middle Eastern countries have such a disdain for. My second thought was that ISIS kills and tortures people with out regard of religion or nationality. They have actually killed many, many more Muslims then Christians. Christians have only been a tiny segment of the populace they have murdered.

The Creed of ISIS
The Creed of ISIS

This is a demonic army of rabid dogs, not a religious group they proclaim to be. A more appropriate name would be to call this group a cult or a gang of thugs that justify the killing, raping and looting because their god gives them permission. Doesn't matter if their victims are Christian or Muslim. They should be put down like the rabid, blood thirsty dogs they are. So yes, we should help combat ISIS with one major stipulation.

ISIS presents an immediate threat to the countries that have supported or turned a blind eye to groups such as these in the past. The threat to the United States posed by this group isn't as imminent as it is to those countries in the Middle East.

Some of these countries being threatened by ISIS have done limited air strikes against ISIS but have not been able to form a strong coalition among these threatened countries to strike back at his evil force. They want the United States to take the lead in a fight that is largely in their own back yard.

Not this time. We can't commit troops until we see meaningful action against these terrorists by the very countries being threatened. To defeat ISIS means boots on the ground. I don't want one eighteen year old American life killed to combat ISIS with out these Middle Eastern countries leading the way.

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I feel so sorry for these innocent people being slaughtered by ISIS but the blame falls squarely on the shoulders of the governments in the Middle East.

The fact is, the United States will go in and fight these evil forces that were basically created by these threatened governments and after the threat is eliminated the United States will be again be demonized by the leaders of these saved countries for the presentation of the people they rule over.

No matter what we do in this area of the world we will never be the “good” guy. Just for once I wish these countries in the Middle East would attempt to solve their own problems. Maybe then I wouldn't feel so torn up about sending boys to die in the nightmare they created.


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    • FitnezzJim profile image

      FitnezzJim 2 years ago from Fredericksburg, Virginia

      I have mixed thoughts on this. The evil acts of ISIS needs to be stopped, no matter who or what they claim to be fighting for. But I don't think the United States is the right nation to do it. As you said, when it is all over and we have once again demonstrated that we possess and hold in check the most effective warfighting forces ever seen by mankind, the nations will look at us once again and declare us to be the evil.

      They have to, for they know no other way.