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Should You Date a Vegan?

Updated on August 13, 2013
Maybe being a vegan wouldn't be too bad?
Maybe being a vegan wouldn't be too bad? | Source

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If you are trying to find a better match with someone who shares you ideas, whether its about being vegan or just living environmentally aware, these are some networks you can try:

Curious About Being Vegan?

Trying to share your life with someone who has a specific eating plan (a vegetarian, a paleo or someone avoiding sugar or gluten) usually isn't too big a deal because you can both follow your own diets and that's that. Vegetarians may not be too thrilled to see you eating meat but they generally are able to come to a compromise with it.

Then you have vegans. Though they share the same general mindset about animal welfare as most vegetarians, they are usually not quite as open-minded about it. Yes, I'm being very general here and I know that not everyone is the same. The point is that when you start to date a vegan, you should consider how well you can manage on this issue when you start spending a lot of time together.

The vegan lifestyle is an admirable one and I think about taking that path myself sometimes, so I do respect their choices completely.

So, you're thinking about getting into a relationship with a vegan. What should you consider?

First you should talk about it. Never assume that its "not an issue". It may turn out to be the case but you won't know for sure until you have that conversation. Is the other person expecting you to change or are they fine with your leather-wearing carnivorous ways? Is there a compromise you can establish? Not all vegans are going to be happy with a "to each their own" arrangement, especially once you start sharing living quarters.

If the other person is happy to let you be yourself, you really should still try to be considerate. Eating veal or a big bloody rare steak with your date is just not a kind thing to do, no matter how much they say it's fine. Try a few new foods too, but don't expect the other person to start eating meat. Unfortunately, that is not likely going to be a compromise that works both ways.

It is going to be a story of tolerance and acceptance on both parts in order to make a relationship between a vegan and a non-vegan to work. Don't jump into anything thinking that it's easy to change later, because it may not be. Then again, maybe you'll be happy taking on a vegan lifestyle yourself anyway. You never know.

As more and more people are choosing conscious lifestyles for themselves, this type of concern gets to be more of an issue when meeting new people. It can go beyond eating habits too, to the whole way a person chooses to live. Would you want to date someone who doesn't even bother to recycle their garbage when you are passionate about the environment? Would you be happy spending time with another person who loves to acquire new things when you prefer a simpler minimalist life?

It's usually best for anyone with an eco-aware lifestyle to try to find someone who shares their ideas. It may not matter if you share the same taste in movies or sports, but this type of mindset should be shared in order for you to be happy.

Are you in a vegan / non-vegan relationship?

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